Now Accepting Television Scripts! The writers spoke, and we listened. We have now added two categories to our contest for television scripts.

Screenplay Festival now features the following categories:

Movie Scripts: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Thriller Horror
Television Scripts: Half Hour Pilot, Half Hour Spec, One Hour Pilot, One Hour Spec

One of the highest rated screenwriting competitions online, Screenplay Festival offers writers an honest opportunity to get their work the recognition it deserves. Screenplay Festival's goal is to get their winner's scripts into the right hands.

The competition’s categories ensure that a truly wonderful script is not punished or ignored because it is in a genre that does not usually win awards. There is no limit to the frustration experienced by the writer who commits the crime of writing “fun” or “likeable” material. It always seems to be “important” films that win the accolades. In reality, people love dramas, but they also love comedies, family movies, action pictures, thrillers and horror flicks. Writing for a fun genre should not forbid a writer from having their talents acknowledged.

Importantly, there is no limit set upon the number of Honorable Mentions in each category. When designing Screenplay Festival, its founders considered having five honorable mentions per category – but what if there were seven family scripts that deserved to be made and nine action scripts that would rock a director’s world? For this reason, any script that is deemed worthy of making it to the screen by Screenplay Festival’s judging committee wins an Honorable Mention in its category.

It is with these policies that Screenplay Festival greatly assists legitimate agents, producers, directors and investors. By allowing them to view the Grand Prize Winners and Honorable Mentions from each category, Screenplay Festival goes out of its way to get winning scripts into the hands of professionals who will make something happen for that script.

Simply put, filmmakers with the resources to complete films know that they want to make a romantic comedy, a horror film, or a family movie. Screenplay Festival provides them with a source of quality scripts for them to choose from that is categorized in ways that are most useful for them.

Awards & Prizes

Screenplay Festival Award Winners will receive the following Prizes:

Movie Scripts: $1,000.00 Grand Prize in each category.
Television Scripts: $500.00 Grand Prize in each category.

Honorable Mention winners do not receive a cash prize.

Every Grand Prize winning contestant will receive the following prizes from sponsor
An e-mail announcement about their winning screenplay to approximately 6,500 industry professionals.
Placement of at least the scripts logline and synopsis on’s password protected web site. Grand Prize winners may also place their treatment and/or script. will include a logline (pitch) for Grand Prize winning screenplays in their printed publication, which is snail-mailed to approximately 5,000 Industry Professionals.

Writing Tools:
Every Grand Prize winning contestant will receive a one-year Pro Annual subscription from sponsor Scripped is the leading provider of Web-based screenwriting software (similar to Google Documents) on the Internet. With over 100,000 users, Scripped grows its membership by 50-100 writers/day. In addition to our software business, Scripped finds scripted and unscripted written content for movie producers, web producers, brands and agencies. Scripped’s clients provide specifications for the type of content they are looking for (e.g. 15-page horror script) and Scripped writers then go to work to write the content; the content seeker purchases the winning work in exchange for prize money. Scripped’s clients include Spike TV, Edward Burns (Saving Private Ryan, 27 Dresses, Confidence), Steven de Souza (writer of Die Hard, 48 Hours and Commando),, and others.

More recognition:

Every Grand Prize winning contestant will receive the following prizes from sponsor So You Wanna Sell A Script, Inc..
Total Script Express + Query Editing Service: Total Script Express sends a personal e-query to over 3,000 industry professionals comprised of studio executives, producers, agents, etc. Query Editing Service takes the writer through several drafts of their query letter until it is just right.
One Year free listing in the So You Wanna Sell A Script “Script Marketplace”; a private online database, only open to and regularly viewed by industry professionals looking for screenplays for option/purchase.

Placement in one issue of the Hollywood Bugle; an e-newsletter sent to over 3,000 industry professionals. It features the logline and author info for the select few screenplays listed.

Even more recognition:

Every Grand Prize winning contestant will receive the following prizes from sponsor Script Delivery.

Full Script Delivery. Full Script Delivery sends a personal e-query to over 3,000 industry professionals comprised of studio executives, producers, agents etc.

Eight month access to the Script Delivery Contact Database. The Contact Database has contact information for thousands of studios, production companies, producers, literary agencies, managers and executives, plus it allows writers to keep custom contact lists and keep notes on their dealings with companies they’re submitting to.

Even More recognition:

Every Grand Prize Winner and every Honorable mention winner in each category will be put in contact with the production companies, agents, and managers who reach out to Screenplay Festival on a regular basis. These contacts happen for years after a script becomes a Screenplay Festival Winner.

Award Certificate:

Every Grand Prize Winner and every Honorable
Mention winner in each category will receive a personalized 8.5″ x 11″ Screenplay Festival certificate.

Rules & Terms

Screenplay Festival has established the following rules for the competition:

All writers of submitted material must be 18 years or older, including co-authored material.

Screenplays written by teams of two or more writers are eligible for Screenplay Festival. Any award won by a co-authored script will be divided evenly among the writers listed on the entry form.

Screenplays that are currently optioned or have been produced are not eligible to compete in Screenplay Festival.

Screenplays must be the original work of the author.

Screenplays adapted from other sources that were written by other authors (such as but not limited to books or plays) are not eligible to compete in Screenplay Festival, regardless of the source author’s permission.

Screenplays adapted from other sources that were written by the author of that source are eligible to compete in 100 Screenplays.

Screenplays adapted from source material that is in the public domain are eligible.

Submissions of new drafts or corrected pages will not be accepted.

Screenplays must be submitted in English.

A writer may enter more than one screenplay; however, a separate entry form and fee are required for each script submitted.