The Reno Tahoe International Film Festival (RTIFF) is joining a long list of world class events hosted in northern Nevada, and showcases community support for filmmakers & screenwriters from around the globe.

We are a Festival run by filmmakers, for filmmakers. We understand the importance of getting to do Q&A's after screenings - so every film gets a Q&A. We know getting to network with other filmmakers is half the fun - so we organize mix and mingle events every night of the Festival and have a dedicated lounge that's always open, so you always have a place to meet up for great conversations, free drinks and snacks. We also know, the more affordable we make our Festival, the easier it will be for you to attend - so we provide lodging to all invited filmmakers and screenwriters with either sponsored hotel rooms or by providing affordable lodging options ($55 rooms in beautiful resorts.) We know the cost of meals can add up, so we provide a light breakfast everyday of the Festival along with boxed lunches during the day. And finally, we know you put in countless hours perfecting your film - so we honor it by screening all films in a luxury, top of the line venue - The Galaxy Luxury IMAX Theater Complex.

Along with an atmosphere aimed at attracting filmmakers, screenwriters, distributors and content producers alike, RTIFF has it’s sights set on becoming a festival known for being a place where long-term professional and personal relationships are fostered.

In recent years, Reno has grown into a haven for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla have selected Reno as a place to open up extensions of their companies. So it only makes sense that we create a world class event to showcase you, the filmmaker, the screenwriter, the actor, the artist. RTIFF will screen a select grouping of films over four days in the Reno Tahoe region. The films will be Narrative Features, Shorts, Documentaries, & Foreign Features.

In addition, the RTIFF offers screenwriters a screenwriting contest where the top 10 winners will have the opportunity to showcase their work with a table reading event and the top winners and best student screenplay will receive a custom statue and awards package.

Awards & Prizes

The RTIFF gives a total of 21 awards, all of which are Jury Awards with the exception of the Audience Choice Award. All nominated filmmakers and screenwriters are invited to be our guest at the Awards Gala on Saturday, September 9th. All winners are provided with a Custom Engraved Statue and an Awards Package.
Here is a complete list of awards:
Narrative Features: Best Narrative Film, Best Narrative Foreign Film, Best Narrative Film Director.
Documentary Features: Best Documentary Film.
Narrative Shorts: Best Comedy Short, Best Drama Short, Best Short Film Director.
Documentary Short: Best Documentary Short Film.
Animated Short: Best Animated Short Film.
Music Video: Best Music Video.
Student Film Short: Best Student Short Film.
Nevada Short Filmmaker: Best Nevada Short Film.
Screenplay: Best Screenwriter.
Audience Choice Award - All film categories are considered for this award.
Best Editing Award: All film categories are considered for this award.
Best Musical Score: All films categories, except for Music Videos, are considered for this award.
Best Cinematography: All film categories are considered for this award.
Best of the Festival: All films categories, except for Music Videos, are considered for this award.
Best Actor: All film categories are considered for this award.
Best Actress: All film categories are considered for this award.
Best Ensemble Cast: All film categories are considered for this award.

Rules & Terms

By submitting to the Reno Tahoe International Film Festival through FilmFreeway, you are stating that you are the owner of your entry and it is your original work. While we understand that you retain all rights to ownership of the work, you hereby give the Reno Tahoe International Film Festival permission to feature, advertise, display, in whole or in part, the work titled and described herein, for festival purposes including promotion. You also understand that your entry is valid only upon completion of the following conditions: (1) receipt of a copy of the work, (2) the processing of the entry fee by the festival organization, and (3) when the work is found to be original and owned by you or those you represent. All materials submitted will not be returned, and will become the archival property of the RTIFF.

DATES COMPLETED: All projects, with the exception of Animated projects, must have been completed after Sept 2015. Animated Projects must have been completed after Sept 2013.

Final placement of the accepted submissions into the film festival will be decided by the RTIFF Festival Programming Committee.

14 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Katie Garibaldi

    Outstanding festival! Great communication from the start and very supportive and helpful director/staff. Completely professional and they put in a great effort to make all the entrants feel welcome. After party was really good for networking. Highly recommended!

    October 2017
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    Michael Groom

    Had a great time at the RTIFF last month, Emily and her team put on a great revival of appreciation for film in the Reno area and I can only imagine this festival getting bigger and better. Hospitality was fantastic, from accommodations to filmmakers lounge and pre/post screening events. Great awards show and gala afterwards too, all ideal circumstances for networking. High quality selections and screenings, with enthusiastic local crowds selling them all out. Awards were beautiful and we were thrilled to have won one for Best Horror/Thriller Short! Thanks again RTIFF Team.

    October 2017
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    Eric West

    What a great fest. The organizers were all great and I met a lot of nice people. All the screenings were done on a large screen in a new theater. They had taken care of transportation and lodging. It was a great weekend.

    September 2017
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    Giancarlo Fusi

    Reno really rocked! Free hotel, food & parties. This fest really treats their guests well. Thanks to director Emily Skyle and her staff for putting on a memorable festival where the movies and even the script readings played to a packed house.

    September 2017
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    King Yaw Soon

    Great festival in a charming destination! My film was selected for RTIFF and one of the best parts was the free accommodation at a very lovely hotel for the three nights I was there. Emily, who runs the festival, is a filmmaker herself and it is shown through her respect, dedication and hospitality towards other fellow filmmakers. Great networking opportunity. Highly recommend.

    September 2017