Based in Lisbon, Queer Lisboa - International Queer Film Festival is the only queer film festival in Portugal. Queer Lisboa is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Lisbon City Hall and is the oldest and one of the most prestigious film festivals in the portuguese capital city.

The festival runs for 9 days with an average of 10.000 spectators. An average of 90 films are programmed each year divided into 5 competition sections (comprising feature films, documentaries, short films, Queer Art and european school films) awarding a total of 9 prizes, and several non-competition sections, such as Panorama, Queer Focus, Queer Pop and others.

Since 2015, Queer Lisboa is also organizing Queer Porto, an independent edition based in the second largest city of the country. Submissions for Queer Porto program are managed through the Queer Lisboa Submissions Panel.

The criteria for the programme of both events are queer themed films, mainly recent productions, with an emphasis on new filmmakers, but also retrospectives.

Every year the festivals sets up a wide range of parallel events, from parties to workshops, performances and exhibitions.

Awards & Prizes

Feature Film Competition
Documentary Competition
Short Film Competition
In My Shorts - European Student Short Films Competition
Queer Art Competition

Rules & Terms

Regardless of being selected or not for the QL or QP program, preview copies will not be returned, and will be added to the QL archive. The Queer Lisboa film archive titles are made available upon request solely to film industry professionals and film students, for previews at the Queer Lisboa Videotheque.

Prior theatrical or television screening, so as DVD release in Portugal, and internet upload disqualifies films from selection.

If selected for the Festivals Programs:

1. The Legal Representative signing this Submission must make sure that a screening copy of the selected film is available for the Festivals dates.

2. The screening copy must be sent to the Festivals by its rights holder (at his/her charge) up to 10 days before QL or QP opens. The Festival will take charge of its return.

3. Please note that the Festivals does not pay any screening fee for films selected by submission.

4. If the film was selected through an internet private preview streaming, a DVD copy must be sent when selected.

5. If the screening copy is in transit between Festivals, QL and QP will only pay for either the import or export duties of the copy, never both.

6. Queer Lisboa and Queer Porto are not responsible of damage or loss of the print or tape during shipping to and from the Festivals.

7. Screening formats accepted: 35mm, DCP, Beta Sp, Digibeta, DVCam, MiniDV, Blu-ray and File (h264.mp4). The screening of any other format which will imply a transfer will be negotiated. The Festivals will inform in time in case any other format option becomes available.

8. Screening copies of films in any other language than English must be subtitled in English.

9. The selection of the film for any of the Competition Sections is of the sole responsibility of the Festivals Programmers.

10. The Festivals hold the right to use stills and up to 90’’ (ninety seconds) of film images for promotional purposes (TV and/ or internet).

11. The Rights Holder gives the Festivals permission to make DVD copies of the work for press purposes.

12. Whenever possible each film is screened twice.

13. The invitation to directors and / or actors to attend the Festivals depends on the sponsorship of private and public institutions to do so.