The Ouchy Film Awards (OFA) is a seasonal awards competition. For each season, official selection and winners are announced on our website. At the end of four seasons, we organize a live screening in Lausanne, Switzerland which include all award winning films from seasonal competitions. The best of year awards are given in the yearly competition.

The goal of OFA is to encourage emerging moviemakers for new filmmaking by appreciating their work. We accept all genre of short films from all over the world. We create an opportunity for filmmakers to get their films judged and compete with other filmmakers. We perform a comprehensive evaluation process and select only high quality films. Especially short films which exhibit new filmmaking approaches and show different different perspectives to the conventional scale are strongly encouraged to submit.

We only award the best independent filmmakers after a comprehensive evaluation process. Our evaluation includes the critique on five categories: acting, directing, editing, script, sound, and cinematography. For each category, our jury gives a letter grade from one of the following:

A - Excellent (9-10 points)
B - Good (7-8 points)
C - Satisfactory (5-6 points)
D - Weak (3-4 points)
E - Weak (1-2 points)

Then average of all categories are calculated. The best of A and B grades are considered for official selection of each category. The selection is listed on our website and all selected films are considered for following awards.

- Best Short Film
- Best Documentary
- Best Animation Film

- Best Director
- Best Actor
- Best Actress
- Best Editing
- Best Cinematography
- Best Screenplay

For each award, five nominees and one winner is selected by the jury.

At the end of year, the bests of each season are selected for live screening. Next yearly organization will take place on 7-9 September, 2017 in Lausanne.

Awards & Prizes

The winners for yearly organization will take the trophies on 7-9 September, 2017 .

Rules & Terms

- All films must have been made in or after 2012.
- Fiction entries must be shorter than 60 minutes.
- Documentaries must be shorter than 60 minutes.
- Entries must be in English or subtitled, dubbed in English.
- Works in progress are accepted.
- Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker.
- Entree fees are non-refundable.
- There is no premiere requirement.
- Entrants must submit a DVD viewing copy if they are selected for yearly organization.
- Once you submit your film, you agree that we can use your film data confidentially in order to develop our services.

17 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    stephen Truby

    Wow! we have made the selection. We look forward to any feed back, big thanks from Craig and me.

    July 2017
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    Vladimir Todorov

    Great festival! Very interesting and diverse programming and excellent communication. I has been an honor to be part of it.

    May 2017
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    Fred Macdonald

    Great festival - and good communication throughout. Thank you for including my film.

    May 2017
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    Nancy wennan zhang

    I got the official selection in Second Season 2017 in Best Animation category. It was great to see my information on the official website. Thanks for having me. :)

    April 2017
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    Paul Baker

    I'm so glad I entered my film because not only did it get accepted, they gave my film an honest and thorough review which I posted on social media. I recommend this festival to new filmmakers!

    February 2017