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‘The Queen of the Midlands’ embraced its very first international film festival in October 2016 and the ethos of her most famous son was honoured by bringing the riches of international film to the fair people of one of the U.K’s most historical cities.

The Nottingham International film Festival took place throughout the city over a three day weekend from the 7th to the 9th of October 2016. The city’s fabled art deco cinema THE SAVOY played host to world and UK premieres and the festival hub at German cinema themed venue DAS KINO created a party vibe for the many travelling filmmakers.

Nottingham’s moto of ‘virtue outlives death’ is as bold as the many stories that have been told about this world famous city and its rich history of story was at the very core of the inaugural film festival that found and showcased original narratives from around the world. A sister festival to both the Manchester and Oxford film festivals, NottIFF is now looking to follow in its sisters’ festival’s footsteps and make its own international film festival one that can stand up and be counted within the international film community.

The official selection featured exciting world and U.K premieres of feature length and short films from world cinema that portrayed everything from gripping indie thrillers to intriguing documentaries.

The NOTTIFF 2016 line- up included the UK premiere of eventual film of the festival ‘Planet Ottakring’, the European premiere of SXSW’s ‘INSATIABLE’, which tells the tragic story of revolutionary chef, Homaro Cantu, award winning UK narrative ‘Breaking’ starring Antonio Thomas and Martin MCcann, BAFTA winning ‘Operator’, U.S sensation SWEE’ PEA and award winning UK feature ‘MADE IN TAIWAN’, from rising stars Jonny and Leo Moore. Adding to all this the festival programmed a brilliant German cinema selection with critically acclaimed films from TRIBECA that included FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY and feature film HEAR THE SILENCE.

NOTTIFF will return in October 2017 bigger and better!

Awards & Prizes

The bespoke Bow and Arrow awards will be chosen by a jury made up of knowledgeable film industry insiders and experts. The Bow and Arrow categories are as follows:

Best International Feature
Best International Short
Best UK Feature
Best UK Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Student Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Music Video
Best Animation
Best Uncommissioned Screenplay
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
The Best Film of the Festival- ‘The Robin Hood award’

Rules & Terms


All films must have been completed after the 1st of January 2015 and not received more than 50% of their funding from a studio or broadcaster.
All films not in the English language are required to have subtitles. These must either be hard coded or supplied as a subtitle file one month prior to the festival.
While we do not require premiere status for films to be eligible for the festival, special consideration will be given to films that are at least a UK Premiere.


I have read and accept the terms and regulations of NOTTIFF. I will provide the festival with any additional information required pursuant to these rules and regulations. I authorize the NOTTIFF to exhibit my film, and if selected, I confirm that an exhibition copy will be available in a required format for screening during the 2016 festival (6th to the 8th of October 2017 tbc). I certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission of this film/video to the NOTTIFF and that all rights and clearances have been made. This film is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation. I hold NOTTIFF harmless from damage to, or loss of any or all materials en route to, from or otherwise at the festival. I assume all legal responsibilities therein. By Agreeing to these terms, I transfer to NOTTIFF the right to use excerpts of the submitted film, its stills, and trailers, for the purposes of publicity and marketing of the film at the 2017 festival, and for other non-commercial uses related to the promotion of the 2017 festival. I hereby agree to indemnify NOTTIFF, in the event that such rights have not been properly transferred.

4 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Markus Kaatsch

    "What an amazing, fresh and passionate Festival! It's been a really wonderful experience! Everyone was incredibly friendly, motivated and attentive! And the audiences was sensetive, empathic and insightful! Thank you to the team of the Nottingham Int'l Film Festival, I will definitely submit every time I have a project, and recommend the festival to all friends and colleagues!" aug&ohr medien (film festival agency) on behalf of the director Ed Ehrenberg

    October 2016
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    Jonny and Leo Moore

    A genuinely friendly and supportive festival. Al and Neil took the time to personally welcome, take-care of and get to know us - and our film. There was a great variety of films on show, and not just films with high budgets as can sometimes be the case. It felt like a celebration of all things film, with everybody involved being open, engaging and up for exploring. Great place, great people.

    October 2016
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    fernando lazzari

    I had the pleasure to receive a Best Music Video award for the first edition of this festival. The selection of films and shorts was unique and really enjoyable. The organisers were super nice and very helpful, and Nottingham a great place to host it. I'm sure the festival will keep growing in the upcoming years.

    October 2016
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    Bentley Heyman

    Unbelievable festival. Amazing communication throughout the entire process. We attended the festival and were in awe of the hospitality and the great films on display. Nottingham is an amazing place for cinema and we look forward to seeing the festival's growth in the coming years. We will send all future work to Nottingham and hope to return very soon.

    October 2016