Nepal America Film Society has announced the first Nepal-America International Film Festival-2017 (NAIFF) which takes place on 5-7 May 2017 in Washington DC metro area. The Festival showcases all genres of films including feature films, documentaries, animation, experimental, and short films.

The main objective of the Film Festival is to bridge Nepali and American culture through film. The festival has primarily focused films from Nepal made by the Nepali and Non-Nepali filmmakers under the Nepal Panorama section. Films made in South Asia, America and other parts of the world also will be included and screened in the festival.

In addition, discussions and workshops will be organized on various themes such as Nepali Diaspora and Film. Film screenings will be followed by Q&A with special guest or filmmaker based on availability.

NAIFF invites filmmakers from the globe to submit their films.

Awards & Prizes

A jury committee of national and international film experts will be formed and the committee will select the films for different awards. Films selected by juries will be awarded and the participated films will be recognized in the festival.

Rules & Terms

Rules and regulations:

-All films made after Jan 2015.
-Films screened previously in American public theatre shall not be considered.
No entry fees are due for submitting films. The filmmakers have to provide films and brief introduction of the film along with signed cover letter.
All the films in languages other than English must have subtitles in English.
Two copies of the films must be in Blu-ray, Mini DV or DVD in PAL format.
The submitted DVD will not be returned. It will be archived in the Film Society.
The film society will not cover expenses to and from the festival for the DVD’s as well all other expenses incurred.
The film society may ask either DCP (D-cinema), 35mm, HD or (Digi) Beta theatrical format based on the film festival venues. DCP is the most preferred.
Selection of Film

The selection committee formed by the Film Society will select the films.
Film selection decisions made by the selection committee will be final.
Cinematic value, creativity as well as social complexity will be given a high consideration.
Selected films will be asked for the publicity material for the festival.
The Film Society will not disclose the reason for the film not being selected.

Jury and awards:
A jury committee of national and international film experts will be formed and the committee will select the films for different awards. The participated films also will be recognized by the film festival

Deadline for the Final Submission
The films must be submitted by February 2017. The selection will be announced on 15 March 2017. Films submitted later than deadline will not be accepted. Any submission received after the submission deadline will not be reviewed for 2017, but will be forwarded to the selection pool for 2018.