The mission of Middle Coast Film Festival is to create a unique experience around film by presenting movies that entertain, surprise, and break the stereotype that world-class cinema can only be experienced on the coasts and in big cities. We are looking to expand the mindset of the Midwest and beyond.

Rules & Terms

The Middle Coast Film Festival screens films in competition five categories: Narrative Feature and Shorts, Documentary Feature and Shorts, Episodic, and Web Series.

Films 49 minutes or less are considered short films; 50 minutes or longer are considered feature films.

Submissions are accepted in only one of the categories.

To be eligible for consideration:
1. Entrants must fully comply with these Entry Rules & Regulations in order to be considered eligible for the 2017 Middle Coast Film Festival.
2. Films completed prior to 12/31/2015 are not eligible for competition entry.
3. Films with prior distribution and/or that have been exhibited publicly for profit in the central Indiana region are not eligible for submission for competition with the Middle Coast Film Festival.
4. Feature-length films with ongoing (or infinite-run) online distribution or availability (via iTunes, etc.) are not eligible for competition entry. Films with finite or limited availability (i.e. an online only film festival) or via independent distribution (i.e. filmmaker’s own website) remain competition eligible.
5. Non-English language films must be subtitled in English to be eligible for entry.
6. Films that require a screening fee for exhibition are eligible for submission, but not eligible for category or Grand Jury prize consideration.
7. Films must be available for screening at the Middle Coast Film Festival 08/10/2017 through 08/12/2017; an exhibition copy and Region-free NTSC DVD back-up copy must be in possession of the Middle Coast Film Festival this entire time.

4. Submissions must be clearly IDENTIFIED IN THE EMAIL with the following:
a. Complete English Title
b. Director Name
c. Contact Name (if different than director) and Email
d. FilmFreeway Entry Number
e. Total Run Time, rounded up to the nearest minute.
5. Entries without payment will not be considered.
6. Submission of entry is considered legal permission to screen your film upon acceptance during the festival.
7. Re-entry of prior year’s submissions is not recommended.
8. Work in progress submissions are accepted, though such should be CLEARLY marked on submission disc and case. Completed cuts must be received by May 30, 2017 in order to be considered for acceptance.

1. Accepted films will be notified via email at the address included in the FilmFreeway submission form.
a. Please add the email address email to an accepted senders list to ensure receipt of festival emails, our primary mode of communication.
2. Filmmakers (or primary contact) will be required to submit a consent form ensuring an absence of any legal or rights issues, and indemnifying the Middle Coast Film Fest of any liabilities that may arise out of screening with the festival.
3. Consent form contractually confirms the film for screening at the Middle Coast Film Fest.
4. Upon acceptance, filmmakers (or primary film contact) will provide the following by the dates specified by festival organizers:
a. An exhibition copy in one of the following formats (*Should any issues arise regarding the availability of the intended exhibition copy, films will be screened as scheduled from a format left to the discretion of festival organizers, most likely the DVD submission copy.):
i. DVD
ii. Blu-ray
iii. HDCam
iv. (For Short Films Only) QuickTime 1080p HD 8 bit uncompressed or Apple ProRes file (or equivalent)
iiv. DCP
b. Three (3) additional screening copies or a password protected digital copy, through an external URL- Vimeo, personal website, etc,.of the completed film, for jurying purposes.
c. One DVD/Blu-ray copy of the final, completed film for archiving in the Middle Coast Film Fest program library.
d. Press Materials as itemized in the Filmmaker Info & Consent Form.
5. Filmmakers are responsible for shipping costs associated with delivering all materials to the MCFF. The MCFF may assume the cost of return shipping HDCam tapes following the run of the festival, should arrangements be made to do so.
6. The Middle Coast Film Festival reserves the right to rescind acceptance of any film should eligibility status change.
Thank you for your interest in submitting your film with the Middle Coast Film Festival! Should you have any questions regarding this process or your film’s eligibility, please email

9 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Emma Loveland

    Middle Coast is a delightfully curated festival of talent from across world. Inspiring.

    October 2016
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    Tyrik Washington

    A really great festival, run by fellow independent filmmakers, that truly understand the grind of being a filmmaker and the importance of building a strong artistic community. I've been in a lot of festivals and middlecoast is a must for all filmmakers!

    September 2016
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    Michael Goldburg

    Nothing but great things to say about MiddleCoast! Thanks for having me 2 years in a row! Filmmakers - submit your films!!

    August 2016
  • false
    Ashley Seering

    My short documentary was accepted into the 2016 festival. I was unable to attend, so I can't comment on the festival experience itself, but the communication leading up to the festival was solid. I do wish that there had been some posts (like who won awards) after the festival. Everyone I communicated with via email beforehand was very nice.

    August 2016
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    Richard Jones

    I had a great time at MiddleCoast. Everyone there was incredibly friendly. It was an honor to be screening with so many other talented filmmakers.
    It was also great for networking because it felt like you developed a crew of people and then could hang with them repeatedly and get to know them which really helps you get to know people a lot better than some festivals I have been at. Hopefully I make something in time for next year's festival and am able to play there again.

    August 2016