Get paid for your filmmaking.

At the end of each Lift-Off Season, the Lift-Off Global Network will be releasing a "Best Of" compilation, featuring the winners of the season, and additional winning entries from this initiative.

Watch the Lift-Off collection on Vimeo On-Demand.
Proceeds go direct to the filmmakers.
Support Indie Film. Use the discount code: Vimeo25

Lift-Off Distribution Global Network is a new initiative created by the Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network based at Pinewood Film Studios which aims to give fair and sustainable revenue for the independent film work we champion. This is a very different selection process to that of our main festivals. With this our co-founders will be the only people picking from the entries.

At the end of the Lift-Off Film Festival Season the highest scored short films, along with some programmers favourites, from our collected catalogue of programmed film festivals will be offered global digital distribution deals to support the release of these projects to our worldwide audiences - in the form of compilations.

Lift-Off has ten film festivals based around the world and spread throughout the year.

Through several on-demand locations, a building social media presence and a global reach - Lift-Off is now able to distribute the work we award and screen. Our audiences are not just the global filmmaking community toward this content, but the wider reaches into the general public too.

At the end of 2015, the "Lift-Off Film Festival Collection Best of 2010-15" was released onto Vimeo On-Demand, featuring work from the five year period. Backed up by a collective and well structured marketing plan. Inevitably the collections sales have been strong, paying revenue direct to the filmmakers.

You can see the collection here:
Make sure you use the promo code: Vimeo25

By viewing the collection you will also get a great grasp for the marketplace and the Lift-Off Film Festivals selection ethos on the whole - but more importantly you'll be supporting our filmmakers and the wider industry.

We aim to build a solid VOD platform list in 2016, and will aim to distribute your content to the best suited.

We are looking for short films under 40 minutes in length and where the intellectual property is owned or can be obtained.

Unlike other distribution deals you will still own your film, we pride ourselves on bearing hallmarks of fairness and an enthusiasm with your professional growth at the centre.

Live Action Narratives - Documentaries - Animations - Narrative based music videos.

Providing your work is original, brave, and has the potential to appeal to a global audeince - we want it!


Find our other festivals on FilmFreeway!

If you wish to spread your risk, all of our other Lift-Off Film Festivals are listed on FIlmFreeway. Simply head to the search section and type "Lift-Off" - you will then see a list of all of our brilliant festivals.

Each and every one of them are at different stages of deadlines, so prices will vary, please take your pick.

Current active Lift-Off Cities...

✈ Hong Kong ✈ Manchester ✈ Tokyo ✈ New York ✈ Vancouver ✈ Los Angeles ✈ Amsterdam ✈ Paris ✈ Sydney ✈ London.

All of them are at different stages of deadlines, so prices will vary, please take your pick and follow the links provided below…

Hong Kong Lift-Off Film Festival:

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival:

New York Lift-Off Film Festival:

Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival

Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival:

Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival:

Singapore Lift-Off Film Festival:

Paris Lift-Off Film Festival:

Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival

London Lift-Off Film Festival

Awards & Prizes

If we feel your work is at the required standard we will...

❀ Establish the best suited platform for your film.
❀ Agree a fair distribution deal where you hold the power.
❀ Activate your film listing on the best suited platform(s).
❀ Market your compilation listing and build an extended marketing plan.
❀ Give you an exclusive screening at any Lift-Off Film Festival Cities in 2017.

Rules & Terms

Films of any length in any genre are accepted. Lift-Off Global Network reserve the right to offer and accept the set percentages of earnings and change the amount of slots available at any one time. The distribution ownership is still the property of the filmmaker, and Lift-Off will not aim to make money from your work in its individual form. If in the future the filmmaker and rights owner wishes to remove themselves from the compilation Lift-Off will have no problem in doing so. All set percentages will be agreed by all filmmakers prior to the compilation going live on the on-demand 3rd party platform.

Filmmakers reserve the right to have their work removed from the compilation at any time during the concepting, set-up and going live process - and any time thereafter.