A place for music on film, the Jukebox International Film Festival (JIFF) brings you top-notch films about music, musicians, musical styles, venues and songs portrayed in music videos.

JIFF is produced by Wired Wednesday Digital Artists, who has been conducting short filmmaking competitions similar in format to the popular film races for the past six years. Now, Wired Wednesday is asking filmmakers to submit music-themed films in a festival format.

JIFF is presented in conjunction with Jazz and Beyond: Carson City Music Festival, a month-long, multi-venue concert series. JIFF is designed to complement the music festival by presenting films that celebrate music and musicians. JIFF is also sponsored, in part, by the Wild Horse Children’s Theater group in Carson City, Nevada.

JIFF will take place at the Brewery Arts Center Performance Hall in Carson City, Nevada on August 14-15, 2018. An awards ceremony will be held after the Festival. All-Access and Daily passes are available for purchase in advance and at the door.

To qualify, narrative films (features and shorts) must in some way incorporate musical themes, such as storylines that focus on musicians or performers or songwriters, music-oriented settings or locations, or other celebrations of music. If you're not sure about your film qualifying, please feel free to send any questions you might have to the Festival.

Documentary films (features and shorts) must focus on real life stories of musicians or performers or songwriters, or include stories about music-oriented events, settings or locations, or otherwise celebrate real life music and musical events in some way.

Music videos are self-explanatory and may not exceed seven and one-half (7-1/2) minutes in length.

There are no genre restrictions in any category.

Awards and prizes will be presented to the winning films in each category. Films will be judged by a panel of music industry professionals. The full list of judges will be published prior to the start of the Festival. All decisions made by the judges will be considered final.

Awards & Prizes

All films selected by the Festival will receive one (1) All-Access pass to attend the Festival. If the entrant or filmmakers are unable to attend, they may give their pass away only with the prior approval of the Festival.

There are three (3) awards in each category: Best Picture, Best Picture-Runner Up and Best of Festival. Best Picture and Best of Festival winners will receive a custom framed festival poster and appropriate laurels. Runners Up will receive an unframed certificate and appropriate laurels. Additional awards and prizes may be added prior to the start of the Festival. Prizes may be subject to change without notice.

Rules & Terms

1. Jukebox International Film Festival DOES NOT offer any discounts or fee waivers of any kind and asks that potential entrants not write to inquire about same;

2. Entrants must submit an online digital screener of their film. The filmmakers whose films are selected for inclusion in the Festival will be asked to send a copy of their film via WeTransfer;

3. All submitted films must in some way relate to music as described in the Event Description. If you're not sure about your film qualifying, please feel free to send any questions you might have to the Festival;

4. Entry forms and payment will not be processed without an accompanying online digital version in the accepted format. Films should, at a minimum, be in 1920 X 1080 resolution, use the h.264 video codec and be in either .MOV or .MP4 file format;

5. High resolution production stills or high resolution screen captures taken from your film, a log-line and short synopsis, along with the director’s full name and biography, are required for promotional use by the Festival.

6. Please be sure to note if your film will be any kind of premiere: World, U.S., West Coast, etc. In our first year, we were pleased to present one U.S. Premiere and two World Premiere films;

7. All entries must be in English or subtitled, unless special arrangements have been made with the Festival;

8. The Student fee option may only be used by entrants whose films were produced as bona fide student films. Additionally, entrant must provide proof that the film was produced while the entrant/filmmakers were students. Documentation must be sent to the Festival at the listed email address;

9. Exceptions to the Rules & Terms must be authorized by the Festival;

10. By submitting, the filmmaker agrees to let the Festival use excerpts from their films for use in JIFF 2018 trailers, publicity and promotions. Jukebox International Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes;

11. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it has all pertinent legal clearances and is authorized to commit the film for screening, understands and accepts these requirements and regulations and must be able to provide said documentation to the Festival if so requested. Furthermore, once a film is submitted, approval is granted for Festival screening whether it is accepted into other film festivals or not. The entrant shall indemnify and hold harmless Jukebox International Film Festival from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred due to any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, and screening;

12. Jukebox International Film Festival reserves the right to revise these Rules & Terms without notice. Reasonable efforts will be used by the Festival to inform all entrants of any changes before the start of the Festival;

13. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply.