The fifth edition of IndiEarth XChange 2016 film showcase will highlight hand-picked selection of independent cinema from all over the globe. Ranging from difficult-to-access, rare films sourced from India's Films Division archives, to recent international and domestic releases. The film programming is a showcase of some of India's and the world's best independent filmmakers, and gives audiences a chance to explore a very different perspective of Indian cinema.

Select Filmmakers participate in Q&A’s with fellow filmmakers and the public after the screenings.

Rules & Terms

Rules & Terms:
The fifth edition of IndiEarth XChange 2016 film showcase will be held from November 26th & 27th, 2016 in Chennai, India. And we are now accepting film submissions for showcases as a part of the Film Programme.

$10 for Shorts (within 30 mins)
$15 for Mid Lengths (31 - 60 mins)
$20 for Features (above 60 mins)
$20 Flat fee on any DCP enabled film of any length (Theatrical screening)

November 4th 2016

IndiEarth XChange accepts features, short films, documentaries and animation related to any topic or subject. The film must not be broadcasted on TV or available on the Internet prior to the program date. 
The films can be submitted from any part or the world and the filmmaker or production house can be of any nationality.

All Indian films require Censorship Certificate.

All filmmakers need to sign a duly filled Release Form for the event. The filmmakers, producers or production houses will be notified with a mail on the same.


The film must have been completed no earlier than March 2015.


The Festival only accepts online screeners (password encrypted on vimeo, youtube or FilmFreeway) DCPs will be accepted for the theatrical screenings and Only HD formats with minimum 1080p or blu-ray for the venue hall screenings. No other formats are compatible. 
Films in any language other than English must be provided with English subtitles.

While sending the film via HDD, data dvds or pen drives, the package should be clearly labeled with the details as below:

1) Film Title 
2) Director’s Name 
3) Duration 
4) Contact Information 
5) Tracking Number.

• All costs are to be prepaid by the sender, and the IndiEarth XChange Film Programme will not assume responsibility for any charges. To ensure safe and timely shipment, mark the parcel with “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE - FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY”. 
All expense pertaining to return of External Hard Disks (HDDs, pendrives, DCPs) is to be borne by the filmmaker.

The Festival will at its sole discretion decide on the dates and order of the screening(s) of each film.

The Festival will take all possible and reasonable anti-piracy precautions. All prints and associated copyrighted materials will be securely stored and access is limited to the festival’s authorized staff only and all movement of prints will be strictly monitored. No duplication or loaning is permitted and no prints will ever leave the custody and care of the festival and showcase organisers.

The Festival reserves the right to cancel the selection of the film without any liability whatsoever.

IndiEarth XChange gives priority to World/ International or Asian premieres.


IndiEarth XChange will notify the selection results to the filmmakers by 10th November 2016. 
IndiEarth XChange reserves the right to decide the section in which the selected film will participate. The Festival does not provide individual explanation on the non-selection or cancellation of a film showcase.


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    Dheeraj Jindal

    It was really nice to be a part of the festival!

    December 2016