Welcome to the Hellfire Film Festival, part of the Hellfire International Film Festival.

The Hellfire International Film Festival showcases independent cinema from around the globe. Our first major international film festival will be hosted in Autumn (Fall) 2017 at a cinema in South East Kent and we hold a monthly Hellfire Short Film Festival (https://filmfreeway.com/festival/HellfireShortFilmFestival) at Lime Bar Café.

This event is one of several precursors to the main event and we will show just two feature films to our audience.

All profits from our festivals go to worthy causes in south east Kent, UK.

Awards & Prizes

Both selected feature films will also be screened at the main event (at no extra cost) in the fall and will be eligible for the awards which will include Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, etc.

Rules & Terms

1. All submissions must be in by Thursday 6th April at 00:00 EDT (05:00 GMT).
2. All films not in the English language must have English subtitles.
3. Films are suitable for public viewing.
4. You must also own the rights to your film.

We do not have a Premiere-only policy so it's fine if your film has already been shown elsewhere.