We are a student-run organization hosting an annual festival that exhibits films created by UC Davis students. Aside from the Festival, we also host a number of workshops, screenings, and performances leading up to our flagship event in Spring. Our goal is to share and cultivate the joy of cinema and filmmaking. We hope to enrich cultural participation across our campus and the larger community.

Awards & Prizes

Awards are awarded by the faculty on the second night of the Festival. Awards from previous years include: Best Documentary, Best Animation, and Best Screenplay.

There is also an Audience Choice Award and a Crew Choice Award, also known as the Golden Aggie.

There will be raffles at the Festival, open to all participants and viewers.

Rules & Terms

Must be a student at UC Davis or recent (within last year) graduate. Please view this document to determine your eligibility and requirements for submission.

Submit your film from an @udavis.edu email address in order to be considered eligible for the film festival.