The FIRST THURSDAYS FILM FESTIVAL is a MONTHLY festival hosted by The FATHER/DAUGHTER FILM REPORT with a BEST of EACH YEAR selections show world-wide on our Facebook page.


Yes, we report on film festivals from around the world with the unique perspective from an old school baby-boomer (Dad) and a young millennial (Amanda).

Now having our OWN film festival, our wish is to do more in helping film makers with EXPOSURE & NETWORKING in a unique way (besides receiving laurels and having your film shown to a packed house):

We get exposure globally for your film with a write up in FILM FESTIVAL TODAY magazine, which is seen world-wide....and seen by some pretty big names world-wide, too! (For example in the photo above, David interviews Wei Zhang, president of Alibaba Pictures, the largest film company in China, finding out what she is looking for).

If your film is a fan-favorite, or you have a unique story about your film - or having something unique about yourself - we usually do a feature story on THAT, too! No other film festival (unless you win the Academy Awards or perhaps Sundance) can give you THAT kind of GLOBAL EXPOSURE.

The monthly festival is held 20 minutes south-east of downtown Austin & 15 minutes from Bergstrom Airport, where we will come to pick you up if you are an official selection and decide to come in person, as well as take care of your room & board if you are staying the night.

Can't make it to central Texas? We understand. However we want you still to be able to experience the film festival NETWORK experience, so after we show your film we'll SKYPE you and/or your colleagues in...unless you're camera shy.

Awards & Prizes

Of course you'll receive lovely laurels for your film or screenplay AND you will be FEATURED in FILM FESTIVAL TODAY. If you can make it to Bastrop Texas, its all the Mexican food you can eat and Margaritas, mescal, tequila or beer you can drink (of course, we have wine too).

Winning screenplays will receive a filmed TABLE-READ of actors performing your work.

Rules & Terms

- Showings are on the First Thursday of each month (hence the name)

- Entry received one month could be selected to be shown for another month (increasing your chances in case you submitted on a "loaded" month), in other words, rather than one chance a year, you get 12...

- All selections will be notified by email (we'll try to give you a month's notice so we can set up travel or SKYPE arrangements)

- All selections based on your ability to make two professional film festival reviewers (age 62 & 18, so the appeal will have to span over couple of generations) with thousands of hours of film experience say "WOW!!!" after viewing your film....