After the success of The Craft Film Fest at Green Bench Brewing Company in 2015, the Creative Producing Team was inspired to expand the festival into a full spectrum cultural event and contribute to the arts renaissance in St. Petersburg, Florida.

How do you fully celebrate the worlds of the art, film, music, makers, food and craft beer?

The answer came down to two words: Et Cultura; where creativity, stories and sounds of Artists, Filmmakers and Musicians converge to make an indelible stamp on the burgeoning arts community in St. Petersburg.

This multi-day event will spotlight Florida based talent along side national and international artists and celebrate the growing culture that is defining our city. We want to foster conversation with audiences, fans, and future collaborators , help emerging artists find educational outlets and cultivate St. Petersburg’s reputation as a destination for the arts in America.

Awards & Prizes

Best Student Short Film
Best Student Director
Best Feature Film
Best Director
Best Documentary
Best Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Emerging Florida Filmmaker

Awards Package includes:
Et Cultura "Winner's Circle" page for 2016 and until 2017 winners are announced
Et Cultura "Winner's Archive" page presence from 2017 forward
Announcement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Free submission fee for 2017 season
Honorary Guest at VIP Party for 2017 season

Winners for 2016 Et Cultura

We would like to announce the highlighted winners for Et Cultura Film Festival’s first year and look forward to gathering submissions and bringing more of inspiring, heart wrenching, creative, jarring, daring and experimental work to the festival for 2017.

Thank you to Derek Horne and the selection committee for their time spent considering the awards. Thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted and especially to those that made the journey to City of St. Petersburg, Florida USA be a part of the festival!

Best U.S. Feature – Folk Hero & Funny Guy by Jeff Grace
Best U.S. Comedy Short Film – Rated by John Fortson
Best U.S. Dramatic Short Film - Monsters - Short Film by Steve Desmond
Best International Feature – Alone Together by Liza Minou Morberg
Best Int’l Comedy Short Film – An Average Story by Yaniv Segalovich
Best Int’l Drama Short Film – Boat People by Paul Meschùh
Best Documentary Feature – Breaking Point by Mark Jonathan Harris and Oles Sanin
Best Documentary Short – Phil's Camino by Annie O'Neil
Best Student Documentary - Fairy Tales by Rongfei Guo
Best Music Documentary – Soy Cubana by Jeremy Ungar and Ivaylo Getov
Best Environmental Film - SEED:The Untold Story by Jon Betz
Best Performance Art Film – Shift by Rachael Lincoln and Amelia Rudolph at BANDALOOP
Best Director – Ryon Baxter for Green is Gold
Best Student Director –Brooke Brooke Goldfinch for Red Rover
Best actress - Vera Farmiga in "Burn Your Maps"
Best actor - Jacob Tremblay in "Burn your Maps"
Best Ensemble in a Feature Film - BEAR WITH US by William Joseph Stribling
Best Ensemble in a Short Film- It Was Damp, Dark, and Smelled Like Wood by Peter Meister
Best Student Short Film – Sundae by Sonya Goddy
Best Animated Short – T.P. by Bob Blevins and Bradley Werley at Werleybob Pictures
Best Sci-Fi Short – Juliet by Marc-Henri Boulier
Best Fantasy Short – Zombriella by Benjamin Gutsche
Best Short Thriller – Boy-Razor by Peter Pontikis
Best Horror Suspense – In the Shadow of the Mountain by Neith Neith Sentís Vizcaino
Best Horror Comedy – The Babysitter Murders by Ryan Spindell
Best Experimental Short - MeTube 2: August sings Carmina Burana by Daniel Moshel
Best Cinema Verite Short - Video by Randy Yang
Best Short Short – The D in David by Yaron Farkash and Michelle Yi
Best Screenplay in short film - Eddie Sternberg for I Used to Be Famous
Best cinematography in short film - Emma Dalesman for The Chop
Best editing in short film - On the Run by Gianguido Spinelli
Best SFX in short film - Twisted - Short Film by Stuart Bowen
Best Mise en Scene - Love Is Blind - Short Film by Dan Hodgson
Florida Emerging Filmmaker – Thomas John Nudi for Monty Comes Back

Rules & Terms

All films must be submitted no later than September 19, 2016.
Films must have been produced within the last 3 years.
We will be creating themed blocks that will spotlight World or North American Premieres and Florida based films and encourage those filmmakers to apply.

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Damian Alpizar

    A great forum for creative work. Wonderful communication and helpful staff.

    December 2016
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    Thomas Nudi

    An incredible beginning for what could be Florida's SXSW parallel, if there ever was going to be something close. The films were superb, and was probably the most consistent quality in selections I've seen from any fest so far. Was treated with love and respect, and really could not have had a better time! Keep up the great work, y'all!

    December 2016