Inspire, make people to think about environmental issues! Send eco messages through your movie! We are seeking for projects that are making a difference for the planet and are an inspiration to the people to do the same.

Ekofilm is for popularization of the international film output concerning nature's problems, environmental protection, the threats and co-existence of Man with the world of nature and similar issues. We want to distinguish the most valuable films with an environmental flavour and find possibilities in utilizing films concerning the Nature and ecology in the process of education. That’s why competitive screening are open for children and adolescents from schools round about.

Ekofilm accepts films in any genre (less than 50 min), with themes related to the nature's problems, environmental protection and similar issues. Please note that films without an environmental theme will not be reviewed.

Awards & Prizes

The amount of money assigned for the Contest is 5 000 $ gross.

Rules & Terms

To submit a film for the 2016 Festival, please refer to the information below:

* Ekofilm Festival will accept submissions for the 2016 Festival until April 21, 2016

* Filmmakers should create a FilmFreeway account to complete the Ekofilm submission proces or just send 2 DVDs and application form to:


* Filmmakers will be contacted about selection status via email.

* For complete rules and application form (in Polish, English and German) please visit:

2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Camille Wainer

    Was honor to be screened at EkoFilm Festival - a festival that is committed to promoting environmentally-themed films. Wish EkoFilm ever success in the future.

    August 2016
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    Mark Mos

    Nice film fest. They care about environment and they show films with message how WE audience can care about our mother earth!!

    May 2016