OSCAR® Qualifying Festival. Movie Maker Magazine's '50 FILM FESTIVALS WORTH THE ENTRY FEE'! Come see what all the hoopla is about.

The Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF)... international, independent and eye-opening. Our festival is committed to showcasing contemporary, independent films -- all lengths, all genres and from everywhere in the world! -- that will enlighten, entertain and empower our audiences. We look for films that make us better people, that make us want to talk about the experience afterwards -- films with soul. This festival is about FILMS and the people who MAKE them!

We are a filmMAKER festival -- produced by filmmakers, programmed by filmmakers. Our theatres are professionally equipped and managed. We do everything possible to have your Picasso projected the way you intended it to be experienced!

Submit NOW and become a part of of Alberta's ORIGINAL International Film Festival!

Awards & Prizes

THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD: Every film (all lengths) is in competition for the coveted People's Choice Award, voted on by EIFF audiences. Ballots are tallied and winner announced at the Closing Night After-Partay!

As an ACADEMY AWARDS® Qualifying Festival (Short Films), winners of the SHORT FILM : Live Action and SHORT FILM : Animation categories will be eligible for consideration in the Animated Short film/Live Action Short Film category of the ACADEMY AWARDS® without the standard theatrical run, provided the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules.

Other Awards categories (subject to change) include: Canadian Feature | International Feature | Documentary Feature | Short Film awards for Alberta, Canada, International and Documentary

Rules & Terms

LENGTH: Submissions may be fiction, documentary, or animation and each category is length-specific.
- SHORT FILMS are 40-mins. or less, including credits
- FEATURE FILMS are longer than 41-mins. (including credits)

GENRES: Whatever the genre, we're looking for films with strong story lines. Movies that make you question your own values; move you in some mysterious way; or leave you laugh out loud. Here’s a look at a sampling of our programming niches:
- FAMILY Films
- Films about FOOD
- MUSIC Docs & Dramas
- SOCIAL ISSUE Documentaries (for Jr. & Sr. High School students)
- Spoken WORD
- Movies with SNOW, MAN
- Tales For TEENS
- WORLD Cinema

COPYRIGHT: Filmmaker is responsible for securing all copyright clearances and music rights.

WHERE IN THE WORLD? Wherever you are on the globe, we're interested in your cinematic story. Canada is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and, as a city, Edmonton is rich with an incredible variety of peoples.

SUBMIT AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! Submitting early not only allows more time for consideration, but also guarantees you won’t miss the final deadline. No late submissions will be considered at all. Seriously!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Our late submission deadline of MAY 30 allows enough time for selection committees to carefully consider your film, so please don't ask for an extension. If the DEADLINE date lands on a weekend or statutory holiday, we accept submissions postmarked on the next business day.

WORKS IN PROGRESS: EIFF does not accept trailers or rough assemblies but will accept work-in-progress cuts (picture lock with temp sound, color, etc.). Please be aware that EIFF will not view multiple updates/versions of your film for programming consideration.

PREMIERE/BROADCAST STATUS: To continue raising the prestige of EIFF -- with audiences and filmmakers – our priority is to program films (of all lengths) that have exclusive, EDMONTON premiere status. A cast & crew screening does not disqualify a film, but preference will be given to premieres.

• Broadcast in Canada prior to our festival dates
• Available for purchase in North America

COMPLETION DATE: Priority is given to films completed after January 1, 2015 -- and not previously submitted to EIFF. Films previously submitted to EIFF will ONLY be considered if there are substantial, creative changes to the project.

SUBMISSION CONTACT: The submitter shall be either a producer, director or authorized agent of the film. All communication will be sent to the person submitting.

CONFIRMATION OF RECEIPT: Submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail upon receipt (within 5 business days) using the e-mail tool included with your online submission platform.

PLEASE. DO NOT SEND: In keeping with our effort to become a carbon neutral festival, we request that you DO NOT SEND press kits, photo stills, or any other publicity materials. We will request these materials at a later date, once your film is accepted.

LANGUAGE: All films with non-English dialogue must have ENGLISH subtitles.

ENTRY FEES: Entry fees are non-refundable and the fees listed are per entry, in U.S. dollars.

FEE WAIVERS: NO FEE WAIVERS will be considered. Don't e-mail us, don't phone us, don't hunt us down on the streets -- we've worked very hard to create an affordable submission system that offsets a (very) small portion of our costs. Trust us... filmmaker submission fees are not a revenue generator for any festival.

RETURN of SUBMISSION DVD: If you'd like your preview copy returned, include a self-addressed, stamped mailing package. Screeners will otherwise not be returned.

SELECTION PROCESS: All submissions are screened and evaluated by EIFF Preview and Selection Committees. Their reports and decisions are final and confidential.

NOTIFICATION: All accepted entrants will be notified on or before AUGUST 15, via e-mail. Filmmakers whose films are not selected to screen at EIFF will also be notified by this date, by email.

EXHIBITION FORMAT: Once a film is accepted, every attempt will be made by EIFF organizers to exhibit your film on the preferred exhibition format. However, due to budget and our movie venues, we prefer to EXHIBIT the following formats:
• FEATURE Films: DCP and BluRay (with NTSC DVD back-up)
• SHORT Films: Electronic file in H.264 format. 1920 x 1080 resolution @ 23.98 fps.

RECEIPT OF EXHIBITION PRINT: To allow for time to test and inspect exhibition copies, EIFF must receive your EXHIBITION copy by:
• SHORT FILMS: August 30
• FEATURE FILMS: September 15

FILMMAKER FEEDBACK: Regrettably, we no longer provide filmmaker feedback as a routine part of our selection and notification process. We will consider E-MAIL (only) requests for feedback on a case by case basis after the festival dates and before December 15.

PRIZES & AWARDS: Should the jury determine that no film was outstanding in an award category, NO award will be presented. EIFF reserves the right to modify the Cash and Goods/Services prizes as listed in the Categories -- as per sponsorship agreements.

PASSES/TICKETS for FILMMAKERS: Complimentary Festival Passes and single tickets are available to attending filmmakers. Quantities are dependent on film length, category and based on availability. EIFF representatives will communicate this information to filmmakers upon acceptance of film/s.

REPRODUCTION AGREEMENT: Entrant agrees to grant EIFF permission for accepted films and related marketing materials to be reproduced and distributed (in whole or in part) SOLELY for the purposes of jurying and promotion of the Festival.

LOSS and DAMAGE: EIFF will make every attempt to contact you if there is damage to an entry, but cannot be held responsible if your entry is not considered due to poorly recorded or unplayable media. Every precaution will be taken to safeguard all materials submitted while in EIFF’s possession, however we cannot accept or assume responsibility in the event of loss or damage.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: The Customs Declaration should state "Festival Submission only - no commercial value". Mark value no higher than $10CDN. The Festival does NOT accept collect shipments or pay customs fees on inbound packages.

SHIPPING (Submission Copies): Do not send masters or irreplaceable formats. Preview copies will not be returned unless a self-addressed, stamped envelope is included with the submission. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the sender.

SHIPPING (Exhibition Copies): The cost of shipping the exhibition copy to EIFF must be paid by the entrant or preceding festival and EIFF is responsible for outbound shipping of FEATURE FILMS ONLY. We will return exhibition copies for SHORT FILMS, only when the filmmaker requests this and supplies a postage-paid return envelope.

ACCEPTANCE: Submitting a film to the EIFF and accepting an offer for participation will be considered an approval of the film's copyright holder in accordance with the terms of these Regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: While we make every effort to follow screening times as posted in the festival program guide, EIFF cannot be held accountable for changes to the schedule after festival line-up is announced.

Edmonton International Film Festival
#201, 10816A - 82 Avenue
T6E 2B3 Canada
Phone: +1.780.423.0844

Office hours are 9am to 5pm MONDAY thru FRIDAY.



2 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    India Dupre

    First of all, Edmonton had THE BEST communication skills of any film festival I have experienced. Very personable and kind. They picked us up at the airport and the whole festival had an intimate feel even though it was a major festival with a massive audience. My film was selected from a blind submission and the whole team is very involved in watching all films that are included. Our film played in a beautiful cinema with excellent sound and we had a great moderator for our Q and A. The festival program book was full color, thick and gorgeous (and very much appreciated as many festivals don't have programs). They had a red carpet and even sorted out press for our film (we were on the news!) They said they can't make their film festival without film makers and as a result, we felt very welcomed and taken care of.

    The audience were passionate movie goers who come back every year. The festivals audience award voting system is very fair with hand written ballots and a clear box holding them all.

    I would HIGHLY recommend entering this film festival. Oh, they also had a top notch closing night party. If you are selected for this festival - make sure to travel there - give yourself a few days to see all the other films and attend the closing party. I can see why they are on Movie Makers Top 50 Films worth the Entry Fee. First class from start to finish with a very personal touch.

    Nov 2016
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    james hutson

    I am delighted to have Dark Harvest be a part of the Edmonton International Film Festival and particularly want to thank and compliment Kerrie for her dedication and vision. Congratulations on putting together a world-class event! Kerrie and her film community simultaneously empower new filmmakers while bringing the best indie films to Canadian audiences.
    The festival's publicity team arranged radio and television interviews, and gave us filmmakers a prime venue with cutting edge projection and sound systems to showcase our films.
    As I make my way through the festival circuit I particularly think back on my time at the Edmonton International Film Festival due to the sense of community. A major aspect of this is the care of the festival staff, and the breadth of talented filmmakers I met and got to spend time with.

    Oct 2016