We focus each year on showcasing the finest independent short films of the fantastic. We welcome not only Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror films, but any film of the imagination that steps out of the slice-of-life category. This includes Mysteries, Thrillers, Film Noirs, Comedies, Alt Lifestyle, Slip Stream/Magical Realism, Asian influenced, Surrealistic films, and most dramas, just to name a few, as well as short animated films of all types. We take narrative shorts as well as documentaries and a limited number of features. Combine that with panels, celebrity guests, discussions, concerts, contests, seminars, and the 65,000+ Dragon Con attendees and you have an extraordinary film event

Awards & Prizes

We award prizes for 1st place in each genre category. Specific categories will be determined based on the entries, but in the last 3 years, they have included: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Horror Comedy, Comedy, Magical Realism, Documentary, Animated Comedy, Animated Horror, and Animated Fantasy. We also present Best of Fest (Live Action) and Best of Fest (Animation) chosen from the 1st Place winners in each category (excluding features) which includes a cash prize.

Rules & Terms

I am duly authorized to submit this film to the Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival. I have read and understood the submission regulations and procedures and agree to comply with them in all respects. To the best of my knowledge, all of the information is correct. I certify that all rights and clearances have been obtained and that this film is not subject to litigation and is not threatened by any litigation. I will not withdraw the film from the Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival after I have been notified of its selection. I hold the Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival harmless from damage or loss of physical materials en route to the Festival. Cost of shipping to festival is the responsibility of the entrant. Exhibition copies must be sent to the festival prepaid. All DVDs and cases must be labeled with the title of the entry. Disks/storage materials will not be returned. I agree for a short excerpt to be used in a radio, video program, or cinema trailer for the Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival. I agree that, if selected for the festival, Dragon Con will screen the submitted film during the four-day event; and, permit accredited press and industry to view the film. The Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival does not pay rental fees for submitted work that is programmed. I agree to the film being considered for all Festival jury prizes.

3 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Guy-Roger Duvert

    Amazing festival!!! For so many reasons:
    - first it is totally inside Dragon Con, which is a totally insane event
    - second, never in a festival have I seen such an audience! The rooms are almost always packed. People are refused at almost every screening (compare that to the festivals where only the crews and actors of the films are in the room! ;)).
    - third, the other filmmakers always become actual friends. I went twice to Dragon Con, and each time I left with friends I would stay in touch with after.
    - finally, the philosophy of the organization is great! Matt is doing an amazing job. And I never learned as much about how festivals work than there (very useful to submit to other festivals).

    All this to say, if your film is in the good genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, action...), don't hesitate and submit. And if you're taken, go there! That's something you don't want to miss!

    September 2016
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    Tony Reames

    Fantastic event, Matthew and his team are top notch. Would HIGHLY recommend. You cannot beat the vibe of the event and the films they show are top notch.

    September 2016
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    Colin Costello

    What an unbelievably enjoyable time and such a great festival. Hope we have something to enter next year!

    September 2016