Designed to harness and multiply the creative energies flowing from the development and presentation of new works in a variety of kinetic arts media, the Door Kinetic Arts Festival provides artists inspirational and collaborative opportunities and provides audiences unique peeks inside the creative process through staged readings, dance presentations, short film programs, and other moving arts pieces.

The inaugural festival in 2016 premiered Campbell Scott's new short film, "The Fold," and featured panels with producer Louise Henderson and Oscar-winning director Eric Simonson. Other highlights included a mock television writers’ room led by Emmy-award winning screenwriter Rick Cleveland, and readings of new plays under development by Broadway and Steppenwolf playwright, Lydia Diamond and the aforementioned Cleveland. Kinetic sculpture by Steven Haas, a newly developed dance piece by Wild Space Dance Company founder Debra Loewen and opportunities to socialize and collaborate with a range of artists enhanced the experience for all participants.

The 2017 festival will boast an expanded range of opportunities and experiences for artists and audiences alike.

Awards & Prizes

-Best Short Film Overall
-Best Narrative Short Film
-Best Documentary Short Film
-Best Wisconsin Short Film
-Audience Award

Rules & Terms


- Competition is open to U.S. and International entries.

- Short films are under 40 minutes in length. Do not submit a project longer than 40 minutes or you will be disqualified.

-- Films not in English must be subtitled in English.

- Films must be narrative, animation, or documentary works only.

- Films must be submitted on DVD NTSC or PAL or as an online screener. We do NOT screen films in any other format.

- If you are burning a consumer disc, CLEARLY write your Project Title, Tracking #, and Contact information on the disc. PLEASE test the DVD on several players before sending. Please use recyclable packaging.

- Films must have been completed after January 1, 2015. Films must be available for screening during the Door Kinetic Arts Festival in June 2017.

-Aside from minor post-production changes like color correction and sound mixing, we do not accept works-in-progress and will not update a submission with a more recent cut. Please only submit works in progress if submitting close to final deadline.

- Once an entry payment has been processed, we cannot provide a refund.

- Please include in your cover letter if your film was SHOT IN WISCONSIN (include locations) or made by WISCONSIN FILMMAKERS.

With entries in our possession, we take the utmost care. However, we cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or additional charges incurred en route, or due to normal wear and tear, or due to equipment failure. PLEASE don't send original prints or master copies of any project. Additionally, Door Kinetic Arts Festival is held harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity or screening of any film.

DVDs and press materials will not be returned under any circumstances.