The CyberiaVR Film festival is the first film festival to take place in an audience-filled virtual reality IMAX style theater. You put on a headset and will get zapped into our virtual reality festival world. There, you will enjoy our live independent film programs with thousands of other film festival lovers. . Definitly a hard concept to grap but it’s here and amazingly real.

Unlike most festivals where people go to them, SF Iindie's Cyberia creates that same festival experience and brings it to you. A socially immersive live festival experience with Q&A sessions, face to face discussions, meetups and parties with film lovers, makers, producers and actors from all over the globe.

Unlike any other, the Cyberia film festival was the first and is the only one that can create this film festival experience in virtual reality. Other festivals, featuring Virtual and Augmented Reality content, have adopted the “Tech Conference” model, holding their events in empty rooms with patrons wearing borrowed headsets and are only for those able to attend in person.

Conceived by the team behind SF IndieFest, a film festival celebrating 20 years of success in San Francisco–CyberiaVR will gather its audience from around the world to a virtual screening room on the AltspaceVR platform will take place in AltspaceVR where their Members (joining is free) will attend attend and view films on a virtual IMAX-sized screen.

Cyberia will also present a live theater screening of a BEST OF THE FEST program in San Francisco with an after party that will take place simultaneously in real life and VR.

Our December 2017 edition will be the 4th Global Short Film Festival presented by Cyberia. Previous editions took place Feb 2017 (1k attendees), May 2017 (3k attendees) and July 2017.

Awards & Prizes

Audience Choice Award and Honorable Mention
In VR film viewers respond live during and after presentations with emojis. We can count emojis and award Audience Awards based directly on audience reaction.

Best of the Fest
Chosen by festival staff to represent the festival in live San Francisco theatrical screening.

Rules & Terms

All short films completed after January 2016 eleigible for consideration.