The Citizen Jane Film Festival supports independent film by independent women. We tackle head on the gross under representation of women in the film industry with wild rebellion through art! In one inspiring weekend we create an intimate web of support for female filmmakers and our faithful audience of all genders. With unique film experiences, lively discussions, workshops, and boisterous parties, CJFF honors female filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and in all stages of their careers. We bring guest artists and audiences from all over to share ideas and build a collaborative community to last far beyond the festival itself. We have hosted pioneers of the film industry such as Christine Vachon, Julia Reichert, and Yvonne Welbon and we've also screened the new voices of independent film, such as Tiny Furniture and Hellion. But we equally find the film that hasn't had it's place yet, all believing that together we create a collective of female filmmakers that are exceptional voices and can create community. We screen all genres in the idea that the variety of styles is what makes us think and that filmmaking is a constantly evolving form, both in platforms and styles.

If you are accepted into the festival, we truly hope you will join us for the weekend (and we help support you so you can make it worth your while). If you are a feature filmmaker and we accept your film, part of screening your film at our festival is having a representative of your film in attendance at our festival since our main goal is to build a community of female filmmakers and an engagement with our audiences. We are open to filmmakers or representatives beyond the director. In fact, one of our goals is to shine a light on all aspects of production in filmmaking!

PLEASE NOTE: The Citizen Jane Film Festival screens films directed or co-directed by women. Please do not apply to our festival if the film is not directed or co-directed by a woman. Nearly every other festival is for you :)

Awards & Prizes

We do not give out awards for two reasons: 1) we believe that our festival is about building community and to give out awards would make us feel competitive instead of supportive (even though we know it feels awesome to get one, no lie!); and 2) we're too small and too diverse to give awards. It would be weird.

Instead, we invest in throwing a kick-ass festival that you would want to go to, and raise funds to help support attendance and also make your time as a filmmaker well spent while in Columbia, Missouri and as meaningful as possible.

Rules & Terms

*Submissions must be directed or co-directed by a woman.

*FIlmmaker has all necessary legal authority and rights required to submit this film to the Citizen Jane Film Festival

*If a feature film is accepted, we ask that one female filmmaker attend the festival to represent the film during the audience Q&A and participate in the festival experience.

*Films and videos of any length or genre: narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, dance, student and young filmmakers are accepted by Citizen Jane Film Festival.

*CJFF is not a “premiere” festival meaning that your film does not have to be a premiere to be accepted. We only accept completed films and prefer to wait until the following year for works in progress.

*Preview formats: we STRONGLY prefer the online screener for environmental reasons. If you cannot do this, please send 2 DVDs coded for region 1 or 0.

*Non-English language films must be subtitled in English.

*Because of a small staff, we cannot return any materials submitted. Screeners are not shared outside of our office and submissions committee.

*Please use paper cases for DVDs. It is unnecessary to send your DVD in a jewel case or include any press materials. Any additional packaging will only be discarded/recycled.

*If sending a check, make payable to Citizen Jane Film Festival.

7 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Amanda Gotera

    Can't recommend this festival enough. Wonderful environment, wonderful films, wonderful connections made.

    November 2016
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    Dionna McMillian

    It's a great festival. It lives up to it's title of one of the "coolest film festivals" The atmosphere is wonderful and supportive. The staff and volunteers are excellent. I was also impressed by the quality of films there and would definitely go back. I highly recommend it.

    November 2016
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    Courtney Hope Thérond

    Like sleep-away camp for lady filmmakers! Citizen Jane was an amazing experience. I highly, highly recommend it!

    November 2016
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    Ashley Seering

    I attended one day of the festival for my screening and was very impressed with the quality of the films and the effort that was put into the festival overall. Great communication beforehand. The screening venue was very nice. I will definitely submit more of my work in the future.

    November 2016
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    Lara Kose

    I wasn't able to attend the festival but the communication I had with them was fantastic. I'm sure if I had made it there it would have been amazing. But communication is really important and they nailed it.

    November 2016