The Carlow International Film Festival aims to showcase the best in international films from all over the world.

The film festival’s best movies will be shown in locations in Carlow, Ireland.
Film exhibition date: November 3-5 2017

The list of movies selected for exhibition by the jury will be presented in the Official Selection section of our official website.

Over the course of the weekend Filmmakers can network and participate in several workshops including producing, directing and screenwriting.

The Carlow International Film Festival will celebrate the very best in Short Films, Features, Music Video and Animation in all genres - Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Action, Thriller and etc. Screenings will give the filmmakers who attend a chance to do a Q&A session and interact with the audience

The judging criteria will take into account elements such as quality of storyline, creativity, production quality, acting, soundtrack, and editing. The films with the highest scores become an official entry for2017. Films with good audio and strong stories have the greatest chance of being selected.

Rules & Terms

All films must be in English or have subtitles in English.

All films must be made after 1 January 2015.

All submissions, under student, must be directed by a currently enrolled student, or by a recently graduated student, with a graduation date no longer than one year from 2015, and directed the film while being a student.

By submitting your film to the Carlow International Film Festival the individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that the festival is authorized to commit the film for screening at the festival and to use images/clips for promotional purposes.

Participants declare that they hold all of the copyrights, intellectual property rights.
After a film has been an official selection, the filmmaker maker will be notified, and the film will be listed on the festival's website under official selections.

The officially selected films will be required to submit a DVD copy of the film along with bios of the creative team behind the work and a press pack. Where it is possible, a representative of the creative team will be required to attend the film's screening (features only) and participate in a Q & A session after the screening.

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