Festival designed for CANADIAN filmmakers and writers (screenplays, novels, short stories, poetry).

Film festival occurs 4 times a year in Montreal and Canada.

Upcoming Festivals:
Thursday May 25th – Downtown Toronto at Imagine Carlton Cinemas. 7pm.
Friday June 9th – Downtown Montreal at Cinema Beaubien. 7pm

Writing Festivals occur once a month. We perform the winners in a studio using professional Canadian actors and post them online for the entire world to see.

Awards & Prizes

All submissions receive full feedback from the industry (even short films). Short films get showcased at the 4 times a year feedback film festival.

Winning screenplays get their screenplay performed at the festival and turned into a YouTube video.

Rules & Terms

This festival is created to showcase the best of new and upcoming Canadian talent. We do not receive a cent of government or private grants as our mission is to keep art and cinema alive in one of the greatest countries in the world without depending on any support besides our own hard work and determination.