Capital Cinema Cultural Exchange (CCCE), a not-for-profit hosts the 4th annual Northeast Filmmakers lab & screenings designed by and for filmmakers. Modeled after Rotterdam, the intimate setting is supportive, friendly and offers direct one-on-one access to veteran filmmakers, producers, casting directors, entertainment attorneys, and budgeting experts. Meaningful industry panel discussions and screenings encourage audience participation in vibrant dialogue about the creative and business aspects of motion pictures. Two main goals: (1) help filmmakers complete their works-in-progress and (2) reach as wide an audience as possible.

Past discussions include practical topics by Seed n Spark: “Crowd Funding: Alternate Strategies to Crowd Building & Marketing,” “Casting to Make Your Movie Travel,” and “Film Financing & Distribution,” plus many other need-to-know topics in today's changing distribution landscape.

CCCE also accepts completed shorts, features and documentaries for public screening during the four day lab. In 2015, three comedic shorts were discovered by Asbury Shorts Film Concert and distributed to audiences across the US. Evening screenings are preceded by industry mixers.

If your project is not selected for the lab or screening, you receive a "Smart Pass" which provides you access to industry panels, mixers, screenings and one-on-one consultations in the industry lounge.

If accepted into the lab or screening, host families can house you. U.S. and international lab participants traveling from afar will receive a travel stipend. Some meals are provided for filmmakers and lab participants. You won't find a less expensive, smart or friendlier deal in the US for a four day conference.

Awards & Prizes

Our aim is to help 1st and 2nd time filmmakers advance your next project toward completion. In our first three years, some lab participants went on to complete their projects, screen in dozens of film festivals, air on television, receive offers to be optioned, or enter production. We're serious about helping you understand the creative business of film making such that you might complete your next project. Give the challenges that face all filmmakers, that's the highest prize we can offer!

Rules & Terms

CCCE prides itself on inclusion. We don't host parties you cannot attend. First, you must complete the on-line application in order to be considered. If accepted as one of a small handful of projects, you must attend all industry panel discussions and scheduled activities. Up to two participants per project may attend on behalf of the project.

Our basic requirement: filmmakers must recognize CCCE in your project's closing credits, "This project was made possible in part by (insert CCCE Logo).

If your project is not selected for the lab, we encourage you to still participate as an industry guest in all the public panel discussions, industry mixers, movie screenings and access to the filmmakers lounge for one-on-one consultations with industry guests.

Projects further in development may be the focus of the lab, however, projects in all stages of development are considered for the lab.