The Silicon Valley Science Fiction Short Film Festival, a part of the Boulder Creek Film Festival, returns in 2018! We'll be putting together a slate of short films that will tour around the Bay Area and California from May through August, including a screening at the World Science Fiction convention in San Jose. We'll be putting together a program featuring short animations, narrative films, experimental pieces, and even appropriately science fiction-themed documentaries. We're looking exclusively for science fiction, fantasy and light horror films,

Awards & Prizes

The Golden Marlin for Best Short Film

Rules & Terms

So, what are we looking for and what are the guidelines?

Glad you asked!

We're looking for all sorts of science fiction/fantasy/light horror films, regardless of budget or premiere status.

Short films - 1 frame to 40 minutes. One Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror program that will tour around Summer 2017. While any content or style is allowed, so long as it falls into science fiction/fantasy/light horror, extreme violence and/or hard core sex/nudity is unlikely to be programmed.

All awards will be determined by audience voting.

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    Larry Loc

    Giovanni Torres is honored to have had his animation
    "Jurassic Office Temp" screened at the Boulder Creek Film Festival and regrets that as a junior high school student he was unable to travel to the bay area for the festival. As his teacher it also means a lot to my program to have festival give positive reinforcement to my student's creativity.
    Thank you
    Larry Loc
    For Ladera Vista Junior High School Stop Motion

    September 2017