The Blue Chip Cable Access Awards is a cooperative venture among Greater Cincinnati area cable access organizations to recognize the achievements of local access producers.ENTRANTS MUST RESIDE IN THE SOUTHWEST OHIO/NORTHERN KENTUCKY AREA.
Participating centers include:
Campbell County Media Central
Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky
Northern Kentucky University
Cincinnati Community Media
Producers may enter any original production with a first time
cablecast or webcast between January 1, 2016 and December 31,

Awards & Prizes

Awards will be presented on April 26, 2017 during the Blue Chip
Cable Access Awards Ceremony at the Redmoor, 3187 Linwood
Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208. Submission of an entry in this
competition signifies that the producer(s) agree to permit its
cablecast on area community access channels.
Nominees will receive a letter indicating nominated programs
in By April 1st through email. This letter will list the program title and
name that were listed on the entry form for use on the plaques
and certificates. One certificate or plaque will be made by the
awards committee. Additional plaques or certificates may be
purchased at the entrant’s expense.
Non-winners will receive an invitation letter, also in April .

Rules & Terms

How to Enter
Entries must be submitted online by Friday, January 20, 2017
Each entry must be accompanied with the appropriate entry
• MEMBER FEE: $10.00 = any access program which
was first cablecast through one of the member access
centers listed above
• NON-MEMBER FEE: $20.00 = any program which was
first cablecast through another PEG Access facility or
WEBCAST only (never played on an access channel).

Awards are based on the decision of the judges. To be
eligible for a Blue Chip Award, an entry must receive at least
40 percent of the possible points available. If no entry in a
particular category reaches this 40 percent level, the category
will be re-judged by the Blue Chip Committee Judging Review
Panel. If the entries still do not reach the 40 percent level, no

Please note that programs submitted into multiple categories
may be judged by the same set of judges. Contest judges are
at the discretion of the access center judging the category.
The same judging panel will evaluate all programs within
that category and at the same level. Judges will view three
segments of the entry -- one from the beginning, one in the
middle and one near the end. Exact times and sections are at
the discretion of the judging panel.
Evaluations by the judges are final.


Entries by professionals, non-professionals and youth will be judged together in categories listed as “Open Categories”.

YOUTH ELIGIBILITY is reserved for program producers who are 18 years of age or under. The youth must have participated in a majority of the production (both in-front and behind the camera). Any adult participation MUST be noted.

NON-PROFESSIONAL ELIGIBILITY is reserved for those who have earned LESS THAN HALF their annual income from employment in teaching or production of media anytime within the last five years.

PROFESSIONAL ELIGIBILITY is required for all others.
Programs produced using both professionals and non-professionals should be entered in the division according to who had the most creative control over the program (i.e. directing, editing, etc.).