The Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival is looking to program films that speak to the human condition and present more questions than answers.

Submission Rules

As an official selection, your film will screen on our homepage where other filmmakers, artists, and film lovers drawn in by our festival mission can screen your work and provide feedback. The only requirement to submit your film is to watch and respond to the film exhibiting on our website homepage and then provide your own positive feedback. We're not looking for likes or stars, only an honest, emotional reaction to a fellow filmmakers work. Giving and receiving criticism it is an art form to itself, and should not be endeavored lightly. Any film is eligible, however we ask for critiques to be conducted in English.

It is our hope by sharing important films between filmmakers we can help foster an environment of cultural, social, and historical exchange through the language of cinema. Our festival aspiration is to contribute provocative, intelligent, and moving cinema to the world conversation of Art, and ultimately shape and define a genre of "Philosophy Film".