Are you confident your screenplay would sell if it was just given a chance? Well, here is that chance! If it had an awesome cover design and was available as a paperback and e-book on Amazon, would it be a best-seller? Would you like to have your screenplay published on 5 July?

Hundreds of FilmFreeway screenwriters have already taken part in this unique screenplay contest since it launched in early 2016, with many of them appearing on Amazon's best-sellers list for screenplays, including the NUMBER ONE spot in October 2016!

This is not your standard screenplay contest... It’s the most exciting, refreshing and potentially rewarding contest we think you'll find, designed so that you can sell your screenplay as a paperback and as an e-book while you participate.

- As soon as you enter the contest, you will become an internationally published screenwriter with Dizzy Emu Publishing

- Your screenplay will be made available for sale internationally as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon

- The result of the contest is determined by screenplay sales, not by a small panel of judges, i.e. the public decides

- All writers who enter the contest receive ALL of the royalties for their screenplay’s sales, paid directly to them from Amazon

- Writers retain ALL rights to their screenplay

- The entry fee includes all cover art for the e-book version of your screenplay and the paperback version (you may also submit your own artwork if you wish)

- Just because the contest ends, the availability of your screenplay doesn't - it will stay published and you will remain the sole recipient of all of its sales royalties

Awards & Prizes

Each writer who enters the contest will receive ALL of the royalties for their sales directly from Amazon. They will also retain full control of their screenplay's rights and pricing.

For e-book screenplay sales, writers will receive approximately 70% of the sale price of $3.99. For paperback screenplay sales, as a guide, a 100 page screenplay sold at $9.99 will see the screenwriter receive approximately $5.00. (This is the list price minus the production costs and Amazon's commission.)

The overall contest winner will be the writer of the top-selling screenplay over each three month contest period and will win a full Publish & Marketing package from Dizzy Emu Publishing, worth $499.00 - this includes building you a website and making a video trailer to help you promote your screenplay. Additionally, as with all entrants, they will also receive all of the royalties from their screenplay sales.

Rules & Terms

This contest runs over three month periods. The current window for submissions is 5 April - 30 June 2017, with a publication date of 5 July 2017.

When you submit your screenplay, please ensure you have completed the overview/synopsis section for it on FilmFreeway. This will become your Amazon information and the blurb on the back of your paperback screenplay.

Entrants will be given full access to their publishing accounts as soon as their screenplays go live, meaning that they can monitor sales, update their royalty payment information, order discounted paperback copies and make changes to their screenplay's listing on Amazon. The accounts are easy and intuitive to use and the contest entry fee covers entrants for step-by-step guidance from Dizzy Emu Publishing regarding how to use them.

Each writer who enters will receive ALL of the royalties for their sales directly from Amazon - Dizzy Emu Publishing does not take a penny. To be clear, yes - ALL writers in the contest will receive ALL of their royalties, not just the winners of the contest.

If you submit your screenplay with your contact details included on the cover page, the assumption will be that you wish to have your contact details published in your screenplay. If you do not wish your contact details to be included, please submit a version without them.

Please see for full details.

11 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Robert Drusetta

    Hospitality, Networking not applicable to this contest. Amazon experience could have been a lot better - I had several technical issues that cost me book sales. This is extremely disappointing.

    April 2017
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    Scott Lopez

    The staff was was quick to accomodate and respond. A great value for exposure.

    January 2017
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    Christian Garzone

    Excellent Contest, courteous staff and fulfilling results.

    January 2017
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    Todd Hutchinson

    Easy option to turn screenplay into a book for sale or addition to library. Great way to market scripts to wide range of audiences.

    January 2017
  • false
    Michael Pallotta

    I rate this contest and Ennu's immediate response to concerns a 5 in all areas. I notice writers complain about feedback etc. My experience has proven that the majority of feedback or pitching efforts lead nowhere except to remind you that whoever is reading your script is actually telling you what he/she wants to read based on what 'Hollywood'' wants, which is a script that reflects the current state of the world. Historical accuracy, anyone?

    January 2017