The Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (ALIFFF) is the only annual dedicated genre film festival in the fifth largest city in the United States.

We're already growing ALIFFF and will grow further, but we will always remain true to our core ideals, which are to find the very best genre films from anywhere in the world and screen them to audiences at as low a cost as is possible without sacrificing quality. We want 'fantastic' to refer to our quality as much as our genres!

Our second year expands to include feature films and widen the scope of our short films to encompass more of the fantastic genres, not only horror and science fiction but also fantasy, crime, action, grindhouse, the punked genres and what can only be described as cult film.

While we love showing features, we firmly believe that every opportunity to screen quality short films to a live audience is a good opportunity!

Update (1 Jun 2017): we had planned for ALIFFF to expand to two full days in 2017, but issues with the venue on the Saturday have unfortunately meant that it'll only expand to one. So ALIFFF 2017 will fill the day of Sunday, 15th October, with all other details unchanged. Times are still to be confirmed but we'll be all day. There will be Q&As with any filmmakers present and intermissions between the sets. An award ceremony will run on Sunday evening.

Our venue is the Phoenix Center for the Arts, which is centrally located in downtown Phoenix right off I-10. There is free parking right next to the building. We will be screening in the Third Street Theater, which seats a comfortable 210. A variety of concessions and beers will be on sale and we will be once again providing free popcorn for everyone!

ALIFFF was founded by Hal C. F. Astell, a film critic and award-winning author who has been part of the film festival community since 2007. His reviews have been quoted on DVD covers, posters and Kickstarter campaigns in multiple languages, as well as within trailers. He runs the Apocalypse Later Empire at and has four books in print on film.

Hal is also an experienced screener, programmer and judge for a variety of film festivals and challenges. He also programs free mini-film festivals at conventions across the American southwest in the horror, sci-fi and steampunk genres.

Awards & Prizes

Our awards are utterly unique, because they're commissioned from the utterly unique Tom Deadstuff, a Phoenix-based artist who creates amazing work in papier-mâché. No other film festival has awards like ours! Check them out on the festival website!

We will give out at least five awards in 2017. There will be at least one award for features and at least two for shorts, plus an Audience Favourite and the Festival Director's Award for one film of special merit. We may or may not add others: that will depend on the breadth of submissions that come in.

The short film awards (at least Best Horror Short and Best Science Fiction Short) will be selected by our panel of three judges; the Audience Favourite will be voted on at the event by the live audience; and the Festival Director's Award will be chosen by, well, the festival director.

Our judges are all key players in the Arizona film scene: David Stipes, Chris Wilembrecht and Monte Yazzie.

David is a VFX artist with two Primetime Emmys (for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager) and 40 years of experience in visual effects and animation. He ran his own visual effects studio for 12 years and currently teaches at The Art Institute of Phoenix.

Chris is the Vice President of Acquisitions and Marketing at Maxim Media Marketing. He's also a writer and producer of short flims and one of the core cast of the Cult Film in Review podcast.

Monte is the Festival Director of the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival, the genre track of the Phoenix Film Festival. He also reviews films at the Coda blog.

Rules & Terms

Submissions can be short films or features. There is no minimum length but short films should not exceed 30 minutes and features should run longer than 75 minutes.

Submissions should fit within in the fantastic genres. We will certainly have sets dedicated to horror and science fiction short films. What other short film sets we program will depend on the quality and breadth of submissions. Send in enough quality fantasy, action or cult films, for instance, and we'll put sets together just for them.

We reserve the right to select your film for a different category than you submitted it for. For instance, a horror/sci-fi film that was submitted as horror may be selected to screen in a sci-fi set.

We value contributions from all over the world (the word 'international' in our event title is very deliberate) but any submissions not in the English language must be accompanied by English subtitles.

Submissions should be digital only. We also recommend that you allow our screeners the ability to download decent quality copies of your submissions from FilmFreeway so that they can watch them on their big screen TVs rather than tiny laptop or tablet screens. We want them to see your films as they should be seen so they can evaluate them on their true merits.

Any submission that doesn't fit within a wide definition of fantastic film; runs longer than 30 minutes (for a short film) or shorter than 75 minutes (for a feature); or is not either in English or accompanied by English subtitles will be disqualified as invalid.

3 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Xavier Pijuan

    Awesome Festival with excellent attention and communication.

    October 2016
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    Steve Kopera

    Awesome communication with a super-friendly staff. Good folks.

    October 2016
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    Jim Politano

    Very well organized and constucted. A great idea of having one 90 minute block of horror, an intermission, and one 90 minute block of Sci-fi. Free popcorn, great volunteers, and a nice venue made this a fun evening for everyone. Hal Astell was a great host, and provided some incredible looking trophies that are different from any other festival. This first year festival hit a grand slam, and should be a Phoenix favorite for years to come. I highly recommend submitting to this.

    October 2016