Thanks to everyone for their entries this year. Making sure everyone's feedback is as detailed as promised is proving a little longer than hoped, but be advised that reviews are being written and will be with you shortly. The winner will be announced soon after.

The one thing us film-makers always want and crave is good honest feedback. Feedback Film Festival aims to do just that.

Feedback is gold-dust in our industry, with many festivals not sending a single word after accepting or refusing your hard work. The word of a family member or friend can only stretch so far, and getting the honest feedback from fresh eyes can make all the difference.

Created by a fellow professional film-maker and animator, your work will receive at minimum 1,000 words of feedback including initial response, thoughts about story and method, and potential improvements.

You can use the Feedback Film Festival to get thoughts on your film whilst waiting to hear back from your other submissions.

In addition to feedback, entries can be accepted into the festival to receive winning laurels that can be included in all your future promotional material. In addition, your work will be tweeted out to a fresh and eager crowd of twitter followers.

Please note this is an online film festival with no public screenings. Your work may be mentioned, but will NOT be uploaded for public or private screenings, giving YOU control over whether your work is published online or not. If you have already uploaded your film or trailers, please attach links if you would like these to be publicly mentioned if your work is tweeted about. Prizes and feedback are digital.

Feedback Film Festival is pioneered by fellow film-maker Robert Wagstaff who has a well-documented history of writing and media reviews. As a former Senior Writer on Europe's most popular indie gaming site TheSixthAxis and now full-time video editor for top clients, Wagstaff has an eye for what makes videos tick and how best to pace stories through their duration. He has successfully reached Official Selection in multiple film festivals between 2014 - 2015 for his most recent film which he wrote and directed.

All entries receive substantial feedback with at least 1,000 words.

FFF Laurels
Winner receives golden FFF Laurels to attach to all future promotional material.

You maintain full ownership of all of your submitted material. However, you grant the use of all provided promotional material to be used in any future publications. Your name and other given details may also be used to give credit to your work.

All feedback will be sent before the festival end date.

Films can be entered regardless of completion date. However, only films completed in 2014/2015 will be eligible to win. You must be the original creator and official representative of the work submitted.