Furious over the rape of his 14-year-old daughter by the boyfriend of his soon to be ex-wife, the father invites the man to his house on a Friday night, treats him to dinner and then tortures him by burning the man’s genitals using heated tongs and then strangles him to unconscious.

Imran, a Bangladeshi male of mid 40s invites Elina, his soon to be ex-wife, a very attractive sharp looking Bangladeshi female of mid 30s, and her boyfriend Roger, a Caucasian male of late 30s, over to his house on a Friday night to meet and greet. Imran prepares and serves them dinner. After the meal, Elina takes Erin, a 14 year old girl, the daughter of Imran and Elina, out for a walk. In the meantime, Imran overpowers Roger and ties him to a chair then tortures him with a heated tongs and burns his genitals before strangling him to unconscious.
Two months ago, when Erin went to meet her mother in Roger’s apartment, Roger raped her and threatened Erin with dire consequences if she spoke about the incident to anyone.
Even Erin tries not to disclose this to anyone, but her father learns about it after a week of the incident when he sees a video clip in her laptop. The father never approaches to police as he fears that friends and relatives would blame his daughter for the incident and ruins the reputation.
Imran has been planning to take the revenge since the day he found out about his daughter’s rape. He gets furious whenever he learns the man happy with his ex-wife while his daughter is suffering.
So the father plots revenge against her daughter’s rapist in his own way!
This would be a film with a purpose. A message. And this film will send that message loud and clear to every viewer: RAPE IS A TRULY HORRIBLE CRIME! Horrible beyond what most of us could ever imagine!!

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    Screenplay, Short Script
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    United States
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    Bengali, English
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Writer Biography

A hardworking and passionate cultural activist, film enthusiast and independent filmmaker, Farhad has been with Chicago Bioscope, a digital film and video production company since December 2004 as a co-founder and became a major force of the company. He is also the writer, director and executive producer of most of the productions being made since its inception.

After completing his training in Digital Movie Making from Chicago Filmmakers, Farhad started working in collaboration with American mainstream casts and crews combined with renowned actors from Bangladesh as well as talents living in USA.

Farhad earned an MS degree in Computer Management and Information Systems from DePaul University of Chicago and dividing his time between his career as an IT Consultant of Interstate Batteries and as the Creative Head of Chicago Bioscope.

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Writer Statement

Inspired to become a rule-breaking filmmaker, he dedicated himself to learning the rules so that he might break them more fully and artistically.