Fast Anchor Film Festival (FAFF) was set up in early 2016 with the simple aim of celebrating independent filmmaking talent from across the world.

We seek to provide filmmakers with the chance to showcase their work to industry professionals working in film & TV, to a wider film-loving audience and in a venue that enhances the experience of watching a film - a cinema.


FAFF has three main awards: the 'Best Short Film' award, the 'Best Young Filmmaker' award and the 'Best Manchester Film' award.

'Best Short Film' award - this award is eligible to any filmmaker living in the UK or internationally.

'Best Manchester Short Film' award - this award is eligible to any filmmaker living in the city of Manchester, UK.

'Best Young Filmmaker' award - this award is eligible to any 18-21 y/o filmmaker.

All films must be under 20mins (including all titles and credits)


"It is our aim to support independent filmmakers financially"

We understand that filmmaking can be an expensive art form, therefore we try not to create another financial obstacle for filmmakers trying to get their work seen and recognised. We think our entry fee is an example of this - for 2018 the standard fee is only $25.

For each of our main awards we have attached a cash prize. We feel that this is another way we can support independent filmmaking and indeed support the filmmakers that create the films we screen. It is our hope that this would be used to either further help the films outreach or to aid future projects from the winning filmmakers.

'Best Short Film' award - £1000 cash prize

'Best Manchester Short Film' award - £500 cash prize

'Best Young Filmmaker' award - £250 cash prize


You are welcome to enter more than one film, in more than one category (if you qualify for more than one).

Your film...

MUST be your own
MUST not use unlicensed music
MUST be under 20 minutes


(by submitting your film into FAFF you are agreeing to the following terms)

You agree that your film can be screened at the FAFF 2018 event.
You agree that FAFF can use your film in current and future festival marketing.
You agree that FAFF can post your film on its website and social media.

The entry fee is non-refundable