The aim of EXPERIMENT BIO is to become a locus of encounter and exchange between artists to investigate in the field of photography, a showcase from which make visible the riskiest and newfangled artistic proposals.

We propose to create a photographical series of thematic and technique free in which they are evaluated creativity and risk of the proposed.

- Of all the works submitted will choose two sets of two creators.
- The prize consists of the production and exhibition of the work in a gallery room, in Bilbao (Spain), in November 2022. And a first prize-money of € 200 and a second of €100.
- After finishing the exposure period, the works will be available for the artist, their only legal owners.
- The artists shall at all times legal owners of their works.
- The selected works may only be used by the organizing of the contest for promotional needs.

- May participate any photographer, individually, and in artistic groups.
- A unique series is presented by author, four to six photographs, mandatory.
- The technique is free.
- Free themes, in order to assess creativity and risk of the proposal.
- All works selected will be shown in the space reserved for that purpose in ExperimentoBIO web.
- The works should be sent in jpg format with a resolution of 72 dpi and should be 750 pixels wide. Thus we ensure their good visibility on our website.
- The winning works will be sent by their author in the appropriate resolution for their production
- All series shall include the following information:
• Title of the series and, if so, of the photographs that comprise it (it also prompted the author to indicate the order in which the photographs in the series should be displayed)
• Full name of the author
• Address
• Contact telephone number and email address
• Brief text (no more than 10 lines) on the series presented

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for selecting my work! Best wishes!

    December 2021
  • maria dininni

    Thank you very much to be selected "Skin Changes Identity"
    I am very honored and happy to have participated to ExperimentoBio
    I feel there is a good energy and would like to participate again
    I can't contain my joy, thanks again !!

    June 2021
  • Francisco Sanmartin

    Muchas gracias. es un Festival genial.

    December 2020
  • Kang Le

    Was honored to be an official selection at this festival!

    November 2020