Toronto Indie Horror Festival

October 3, 2023 - October 6, 2023

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Ghosts of the Void w/ 14th Floor / The Muse / A Mysterious Package

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Ghosts of the Void (US)

Spending the night in her car, a newly-homeless woman wrestles with exhaustion, her crumbling marriage, and the threat of mysterious, masked strangers.

14th Floor (Canada)

A young man must fight for survival after discovering that the apartment building he just moved in to harbours dark, cryptic secrets.

The Muse (Moldova/US)

A street photographer with nebulous intentions follows a young woman on her nighttime commute through New York City.

A Mysterious Package (Canada)

In a small town, Nancy wakes up one morning to find a mysterious package at her doorstep. What seemed like a normal day turns into a nightmare.


Go Away w/ SLASHR / Please Eat Organic / Deathflow

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Go Away (US)

A family gathering is interrupted by a group of intruders who put them through a series of sadistic games. As the night progresses, the intruders come to realize they may not be the only thing to fear. Starring Thom Mathews (Friday the 13th Part 6), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) and Tuesday Knight (Nightmare on Elm Street 4).


In a remote mountain cabin, a young man escapes the city after an unexpected break up, only to be stalked by a ruthless killer he meets on a dating app.

Please Eat Organic (Canada)

Please Eat Organic is a psychedelic horror film that follows a group of wayward hippies harboring a draft dodger that cross paths with a family of fundamentalist Mennonites.

Deathflow (Canada)

A nature photographer sees something she wasn't meant to.


Hillbilly Holocaust w/ Nosepicker /A Part of Me / Devil's Note

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Hillbilly Holocaust (Germany)

An outrageous German splatter film. Underneath the cabin of a hillbilly family, a portal to hell unintentionally opens.
This portal can only be closed again through an ancient ritual, but this ritual requires 666 human sacrifices. More and more people have been reported missing in the area but the responsible authorities are initially not interested in the strange occurrences. A young man searching for his missing brother in the woods finally convinces the local rangers to help him. Meanwhile, a being enters our world that even the tough hillbillies can't cope with...

Nosepicker (UK)

A 'tale of the unexpected' about an 8-year-old schoolboy with a nasty habit of picking his nose.
"It was great... Snot what I expected." -Joe Dante, director of "Gremlins"

A Part Of Me (Canada)

Young lovers, Anthony and Caroline, realize they're both harbouring a dark secret that brings them closer together. Much closer.

The Devil's Note (Canada)

When a band of rock and roll buskers uncovers a forbidden and mysterious musical note, "the Devil's Note", they find more than just a new sound for their band.


Worst Laid Plans w/ Dawn Of Decay / Paralysis / Grandma Martha

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Worst Laid Plans (US)

Filmed in three different states by three acclaimed genre short film directors all making their feature debut. Three tales of vacation-themed horror adapted from the bestselling book by Grindhouse Press.

Dawn Of Decay (Canada)

A beautiful day in the park turns into a life or death struggle as a young couple are attacked by a vicious enemy.

Paralysis (Canada)

After going to bed from working all day, a young woman wakes up in the middle of the night unable to move her body. As she continues to struggle, she is met with an unknown force pushing her body down. The more she struggles, the heavier her body becomes.

Grandma Martha (Canada)

Carson returns to his estranged mother’s home for the weekend to help care for his grandmother Martha who has advanced Alzheimer’s. The disease dislodges Martha’s old memories, eerie behaviour and shocking revelations, which lead Carson to suspect his grandmother may be behind his father’s yet-unresolved disappearance. Seeing as Alzheimer’s eats up one’s most recent memories first, to Grandma Martha, a now adult Carson looks more like his father - a man she clearly prefers having out of the picture. Compelled to learn the truth behind his family’s undoing, Carson realizes Grandma Martha is willing to take drastic measures in order to make sure the man she believes is her no-good son-in-law stays disappeared. Soon, Carson will learn that family secrets are sometimes best left in the grave, especially when the oldest memories are the last to die…


Late Checkout w/ In Vein / Cursed Chain / Cold Start

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Late Checkout (US)

Starring Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp). Late Checkout is about “A group of estranged friends get together for a long weekend in an isolated cabin, little do they know of the areas past and unthinkable chaos stalks them”.

In Vein (Canada)

A group of friends rent a cabin to get away for a weekend. The cabin looks normal…at first. But when Alicia injures herself, her friends’ search for a medical kit reveals a darker more sinister side to their holiday rental.

Cursed Chain (Canada)

An unexpected phone call leads a group of friends into one hell of a night.

Cold Start (Canada)

A day of beer and ice-fishing turns spin-chilling when a drunken dad on his way home meets a mysterious little girl standing alone on a wintry crossroads.


Women In Horror- Short Film Showcase

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Women In Horror- Short Film Showcase

All films directed by women!

Insect (Canada)
Pandora (Canada)
Static (US)
The Old Hag and The Crow (Mexico)
Consumed (US)
Goodnight Grace (Canada)
Bloody Words (Australia)
Pete & Re-Pete (US)
Shadow of a Doubt (Canada)
The Waiting Room (US)
Facsimile (US)


The Astral Woods w/ Housesitting

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The Astral Woods (US)

A wife is forced into a life insurance scam and abandoned at a cabin in the woods. She soon learns the land holds an ancient secret that is not from this world

Housesitting (Canada)

A young man takes a housesitting job for the weekend, little does he know that an evil lurks just outside.


The Edge Of The Shadows

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The Edge Of The Shadows (Greenland)

8 years has passed since the attack from a Qivittoq on the 6 young people in Qaqqat Alanngui. Tuuma is a tourist guide and often sails with tourists, while he is out sailing with 2 tourists they wants to go to the place where the young people were attacked, against Tuumas will. When they get there Tuumas bad feeling becomes a reality and the 2 tourists disappear. Tuuma quickly sails back to Nuuk to get help from the police. But is it a good idea to go back and look for the tourists? When the Qivittoqs are in the mountains.