New York City Short Comedy Film Festival

November 21, 2021 - November 21, 2021

Sales End November 20, 2021

Sketch Comedy

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Project Title Synopsis Directors
I Would Do Anything For Love After a young mother of two is coerced into a fancy dinner with her loving but self centered husband she is confronted with a proposition she is unprepared for. Lindsay Clift

Skinny Bitches Run Club Rachel takes up running with coach Katie during lockdown Rachel Anne Clarke

AIRWAY A woman's worst nightmare comes to life when the man next to her won't turn his phone to Airplane mode. -- Filmed on February 26, 2020 with a 98% female crew. Jessica Redish

JUMP While left home alone, three wannabe party rebels set out on a mission to get into the liquor cabinet--as it’s all fun and games until someone needs a doctor. Filmed on the iPhone 11. Episode 1 of the web series. Laura Barbato

Break Time Two normal guys have a not-so-normal conversation about their co-worker's fetishes by the water cooler. Sean Winslow

#finddre.wndrs A documentary following three internet junkies as they investigate the sudden disappearance of a social media influencer. David J. Barnett

2 Comics On A Bench: Episode One Comedian Greer Barnes and Actor/Comedian Perry Strong unpack the questions of the universe and comedy as they sit and watch the cityscape. In this first episode, Perry pitches Greer jokes, it doesn’t go well, or does it? Let us know what you think. Perry Strong

Titanic on a Plane What if James Cameron's Titanic was rebooted, and the ship was changed to be a plane? The answer: something really, really dark. Ross Ozarka

Space Weed Aaron Klinger

The Cows A man must face the harsh reality that his best friends might not be coming home Hugh O'Neill

I'm in Love with My Stalker Lifetime Movie of the Week Promo Parody- When a girl goes to college, she becomes enamored with her stalker. Jill Marie Morley

White Face App In this sketch, we seek the help Black women out by offering them a new tool: an app they can use to change the color of their skin. White Face App is an infomercial explaining how it works. Brandon Gates

Grandpa's Demons An old man regales his grandchildren with stories of his past, but he is interrupted by a sinister force. Grace Hanna

TarGay Out singer-songwriter Rachel Garlin sings an original song about the perils of shopping at Target during the lead-up to pride month. Rachel Garlin

The Breakup Nick von Gremp, Julie Deffet


Comedy Session 1

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Project Title Synopsis Directors
SHOP-PUTTERS A brother and sister. A quiet supermarket. A twisted plan. Behind the scenes special forces G Men are ready to stop them. Director Tsukuda Hisanori is proud to present a comedy film to end an era! HISANORI TSUKUDA


Wendy/Gigi All first days are shit. We follow Wendy's inaugural shift at Tartarus, a down-on-its-luck New York City dungeon. Teeming with strange characters and stranger new experiences, our fledgling Dominatrix discovers a surprising yet rewarding hidden talent. Written by a former Dominatrix, "Wendy/Gigi" shines new light on the sex industry with its tongue in its cheek, a twinkle in its eye, and a handprint on its ass. Anthony Misiano

White Noises To communicate with the Beyond, Hervé knows how to go about it. But the hardest part of spiritualism is not receiving signs, it is understanding them. Thomas Soulignac

(Wo)man on the Street: What is Your Name? Malia Simon takes to the streets to find out what everyone's name is once and for all Malia Simon, Patrick Napolitano

Once Beautiful Woman A smart, satirical comedy about the ageism and sexism lurking in Hollywood. An actress gets a harsh reality check when there's a mix up at an audition and she finds herself on the other side of the hot young thing. Frankie Guerrero, Jr.

Plenty of Fish. -Plenty of Fish: A meet-cute story about two introverts struggling to connect with each other in a crowded, noisy, and (probably) smelly bar. Joel David Santner

Gary McDougal: Human Air Dancer A look a Gary McDougal, the world's first human air dancer. Christopher Lee Raby


Comedy Session 2

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Project Title Synopsis Directors
MAMILs A group of middle-aged men celebrate their friend's birthday by putting on cycling Lycra and preparing to take over the streets, but a shortcoming creates divisions in their peloton. Jonathon Pawlowski

The Proposal A young man proposes to his beloved girlfriend, but he gets “please, do something special” instead of “yes”. A mission to guess her wishes turns out to be almost impossible. Christina Sinyapkina

My Friends The Plants A mockumentary horror-comedy depicting an awkward woman's difficulty being a familiar to vampire plants. Christine Celozzi


Welcome to Our Home When Brad brings his liberal girlfriend home to meet his conservative parents, tensions escalate and monsters are unleashed. Gregory M. Schroeder

Cartists- Episode 1 Artists Lorenzo Greene & Ben Morris get rides from rideshare apps such as Lyft or Uber, to gather inspiration. At the end of each trip the 'Cartists' will create an art piece based on the experience they had. Ben Morris

What The Heck Is Going On? When the main character of a sitcom realizes he's literally in a sitcom, he has to find a way out, and save his family. Alexander Bale

Linger What happens when a one-night-stand overstays his welcome. Dan Bricker

The Reveal Dead set against having children, Zoe (Chloe Lanier) is dragged to a hipster gender reveal party in West LA by her boyfriend, James (Kevan McClellan). As the couple attempts to have a good time among their eclectic friends, the party morphs into a baby centric cult that unearths hidden resentments and unsung wishes that serve as a stress test for the young couples’ relationship. Chloe Lanier, Kevan McClellan



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Project Title Synopsis Directors
Dry Jenny, a sleepless mother, desperately goes to a dealer in a suburban basement to regain her sanity. Cara Consilvio

The Conversation A man and a woman are having dinner, conversation ensues. Peter Stass

PUMP Miles Newacheck was once a well-known name among respected physical therapists in professional sports. After 20 years of working with NBA players, Miles’ career ended with one fateful moment during game seven of the NBA Finals. While performing a routine stretch, Miles slips and falls on the Celtics’ MVP point guard. In an instant, he ruins the star-player’s career, along with Boston’s chances of a championship win. The fans respond with outrage as Miles becomes a pariah who’s quickly chased out of town. When an old friend and former flame, Valerie Miller, reconnects with Miles, she hires him to help manage her struggling gym. Miles jumps at the opportunity to start over, but in order to save the business, he must return to the spotlight- ultimately forcing him to put his life and weight back on track. Driving this episodic comedy is the physical and emotional redemption story of Miles — a man out of shape, out of place, and out of luck, who’s stuck navigating his way through the superficial world of fitness. Craig Calamis

Crazy Hat Fridays As the world locks down for an unprecedented pandemic, Frank retreats into total isolation, refusing to leave his apartment to accept even deliveries. Still employed, his job as a modern, clickable journalist finds him pitching content to his team each day. Frank’s boss suggests that for as long as quarantine lasts, they end each week with “Crazy Hat Friday,” which Frank embraces. Lorenzo Benitez

Covidependency A short musical comedy about the struggles of dating and relationships during a pandemic. James Rivard

The Wheel Two women in post-apocalyptic New York City perform strange rituals for a mysterious wheel. Becca Schall, Jessica Taylor

Mind Your Step Eric Litts, a devout lobby boy, becomes fixated with a precarious crack at his local theatre. He takes it upon himself to remind every departing guest to mind their step. Josiah Dyck

Sprained A whimsical dramedy short film about a reflective, lonely, and overworked millennial who realizes he's become an expert at hiding pain. Joshua Stasko

Worm Friends Nikki and Angie face an existential crisis while fishing. Andy Mills

Yeah, Yeah A street trumpeter desperately tries to sell an old keyboard, to fund his plastic surgery. Rodrigo Mella

What The Heck Is Going On? When the main character of a sitcom realizes he's literally in a sitcom, he has to find a way out, and save his family. Alexander Bale

LoveLetters Profiles Based on an actual dating profile business, "LoveLetters Profiles" is a TV comedy based on true stories. The pilot episode, "The Catholic Cougar," follows the twist and turns of a first date that goes sideways based on a misunderstanding on what "transitions" means to each party. John Sabia