Multi-disciplinary artist, archivist, founder of the West Asian and North African Women's Art Library and Senior Editor of AZEEMA Magazine.
The West Asian and North African Women's Art Library
Êvar’s personal multi-disciplinary practice focuses on Kurdish genealogies, colonial violence in archives and their relationship with the trajectory of Kurdish feminism and Kurdish womanhood. In her analysis of archives, she investigates the psychological impact of the archived material; how might archives perpetuate violent histories? What role does archiving play in shaping freedom - specifically that of occupied people and lands? How far does the current archive privilege particular narratives and create bias in the collective memory? Through broadening the range of methodologies she employ in her work, Êvar’s endeavour is to assess the implications of archival structures for Kurdish women’s identity formation.
The West Asian and North African Women’s Art Library (WANAWAL) was founded by Êvar in 2019. The WANAWAL works both as a grassroots independent initiative as well as an alternative archival practice and library. It was started with the aim to create a publicly accessible library and archive that features curatorial projects, artworks, publications by ‘women’ from West Asia and North Africa.
Êvar is currently Senior Editor of AZEEMA Magazine, a print magazine, online platform, community and creative agency exploring women and non-binary folk within West Asia, North Africa and South Asia, diasporas and beyond.
A list of recent presentations include:
Exhibitions: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, curated by Zainab Hasoon & Sara Bin Safwan, Reference Point, London, United Kingdom (2022); As We Gaze Upon Her, curated by Banat Collective, Warehouse 421, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2021); ZAO TANG, organised by Local Collective x STIGMA (digital).
Awards: Developing Your Creative Practise granted by Arts Council England - to fund my international research into the ways in which the female Kurdish identity and history is archived and documented across libraries and institutions in West Asia; Jerwood Bursary Award - granted towards my research into Kurdish mythology and the ways in which Kurdish ancient history has been archived and documented across different institutions in London.
Residency: Warehouse 421 (Abu Dhabi) x Bombay Institute for Critical Analysis and Research (BICAR) – PRAXIS: Art and Philosophy in the Global Contemporary.
Guest Lecturer: Humanities: Re/Orienting (in) the World, Northwestern University, USA, guest lecturer - discussing my research into the role archiving/documentation plays in understanding the Kurdish struggle; Engaged Gazing for Social Justice in Britain, The Good Immigrant, Regent's University & Seattle University, guest lecturer - discussing notions of feminism beyond Western borders.
Panelist: Mou7i6 x Decolonial Hacker Panel - discussing the topics of representation and inclusion within culture, archives, and museology; London Short Film Festival: Collectively Doing It Differently by TAPE Collective, Rich Mix, panelist - speaking on the need for wider representation and conversation around radical change through DIY archiving.
Workshop Leader: Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art + Women Artists of the Northeast Library - discussing the WANAWAL and exploring memory through the personal archive.Published: “Archive is Becoming”, Reference point (2022); “av û nan hevpar e di nav me de, tu xwişka min î û ez xwişka te me” (water and bread split between us - you are my sister and i am your sister), London Short Film Festival (2022); “Archives and the Colonial Body”, The West Asian and North African Woman’s Art Library (2021)
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    The Fruit of the Dead Tastes of Blood2021
    Experimental, Short
Goldsmiths, University of London
Master of Arts: Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy
Birth Date
May 16, 1993
Birth City
Stockholm, Sweden
Current City
London, England
Qamishlo, Syria
Multi-disciplinary artist, archivist, founder of the West Asian and North African Women's Art Library and Senior Editor of AZEEMA Magazine.
The West Asian and North African Women's Art Library
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