Erarta MOTION PICTURES. International Festival of Shorts about Paintings
(Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Films about paintings. Films as paintings.

Erarta Museum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) is presenting its annual project — the international festival of shorts about paintings, Erarta MOTION PICTURES.

The festival focuses on short films from all over the world dedicated to paintings, painters, art institutions, general and specific topics related to those subjects. Special emphasis is given to works of cinema that use painting as the central method in creating form and content.

The connection between painting and film is particularly close and cognate. Painting is justly considered the forefather of cinema. With this in mind, film is also capable of making pictures move, opening new horizons, ways of interaction and mutual enrichment of those neighbouring territories.

Cinema grew out of painting, inheriting its experience, traditions and skills. Now it has matured and is ready to pay the debt to its progenitor.

Discovering a new visual dominant in cinema, Erarta MOTION PICTURES festival is ready to prove that cinema is indeed the painting of the contemporary day, enriched both technologically and philosophically. Painting that was set in motion and given a new life.

1. We invite the authors of the films from the Official Selection category to attend our festival.

2. Considering the project’s format and the connection between cinematography and painting, films-competitors will be judged by two jury committees – Art Jury and Cinema Jury. Each jury will define its Grand-Prix.
Grand-Prix — the original copies of the sculptures decorating the façade of Erarta Museum: Era (the prize from the Cinema Jury) and Art (the prize from the Art jury).

The author of the sculptures is a renowned Russian sculptor Dmitry Zhukov.

1.Invited to participate in the festival are art groups, private individuals, film studios, workshops.
2.Age group is 18+

Entry requirements:
1.Allowed to participate in the festival are works about paintings or films where painting is used as an artistic device
2. The entries should not contain pornography, calls to violence, pedophilia, incitement to religious or racial hatred.
3. All works must be published no earlier than 2016.

Considering the projects' format and the connection between cinematography and painting, films-competitors will be judged by two jury committees – Art Jury and Cinema Jury. Each jury will define its Grand-Prix.

Technical requirements:
1. The works are accepted through the internet in form of links to free file hosting websites.
2. Running time — up to 30 minutes.
3. All works must be published no earlier than 2016.
4. The film must be accompanied by credits listing all creators of the project and participants in the shooting of the film.
5. Films NOT in English must be accompanied by English subtitles.
6. You can download the application form at

Author/company presenting the film is responsible for the purity of copyrights to the presented content. Presenting a film, the participant confirms that they are the holder of the copyright, i.e. the display or any other use of the movie does not violate the rights of a third party. Moreover, the participant is obligated to compensate all expenses in the case if complaints from third parties arise concerning the display of the movie at the festival. The copyright holder provides the festival with the right to copy the movie for the purposes of displaying it at the festival as well as the right to store such copies.

The participants, upon applying for their participation in the festival, automatically give their consent for further usage of their provided materials on TV channels and other mass media (no longer than 1 minute of total volume of the material). Moreover the festival reserves the right to, at any time, publish shots from films represented at the festival for advertisement purposes unrestricted.

Moreover, the Erarta Museum will receive non-exclusive rights to use the films for public viewings, including commercial ones, during the festival, with retaining the copyrights and obligatory indication of original authorship in the case of such usage. The Erarta Museum is obligated not to transfer any copyright and copies of the film materials themselves for third-party usage without the consent of copyright holders.

The order and terms of application and material submissions:
1.Applications are to be sent to or included with the physical data carrier.
2.The application includes a filled and signed, by the work's copyright holder, form; the form can be downloaded in pdf and doc.
3.The application must be turned in to the festival committee before 31st of December 2016.

Confirmation of consent to participate:
Consent to participate in the festival implies full familiarization and agreement of copyright holders of the film with the aforesaid rules.

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