Established in 2009 and named one of the "25 Coolest Festivals in the World" by MovieMaker Magazine in 2017, the Eastern Oregon Film Festival is an intimate and community focussed Festival that combines three days of screenings, live conversations with Filmmakers, virtual components, and special presentations from Visiting Artists and Industry Professionals. Each night concludes in an after party featuring incredible live music from a variety of visiting musicians.

Eastern Oregon Film Festival also hosts a Filmmaker Residency Program in the Spring. Check out this refreshing screenwriting opportunity.


Handmade Awards recognizing Audience Choice Awards for BEST SHORT, BEST FEATURE, SPIRIT OF EOFF / ETHOS, as well as CURATOR'S PICK for BEST FILM.

We keep things pretty loose, but if you break one of the rules we'll let you know!
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Overall Rating
  • I had a great time at this charming, small festival and Chris Jennings was an excellent host. It is in a beautiful area and the filmmaker's party with mimosas and outdoor hot springs soak was delightful.

    November 2021
  • David Van Auken

    Eastern Oregon Film Fest was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our film. Christopher and his team program the fest’s films and events with care, placing importance on community. It’s well worth the trip to La Grande no matter where you’re coming from!

    October 2021
  • jacob shelton

    EOFF is not only a spectacular festival staffed by hard working volunteers, it's the kind of festival that makes you remember why you make art in the first place. Every film on the docket was genuinely great, and the town couldn't have been more welcoming. Hopefully I'll have a chance to return

    October 2021
  • Daniel Talbott

    This festival is the real deal, run by great folks and film lovers and in a beautiful part of the country. Run don't walk to submit your work to them. It's a great great fest :)

    October 2021
  • I've had three films in EOFF over the past 12 years and it's an amazing community-driven festival that really celebrates its filmmakers. If you have a film that skews dramatic and/or deeply relational this festival will be a great fit. I've seen so many amazing breakout films here including early Kentucker Audley, Safdie Brothers, Jim Cummings, and more! One year they had Bruce Campbell in attendance.

    Founder and director Chris Jennings is dedicated to bringing arts to the community and supporting indie filmmakers.

    The small town in rural Oregon is a beautiful inspiring retreat and in 2021 he arranged for the filmmakers to go soak at the local hot springs which was an amazing way to relax and network with fellow indie filmmakers.

    October 2021