IFF Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm with its 45-year tradition is the oldest event of its kind in the world! The festival objective is to inspire and alter people's attitude and relationship towards the environment, provide space for open discussion on sustainability of life on our Planet. We aim to:

Festival is an extraordinary platform that connects two originally parted groups: scientists -
technicians and environmentalists - activists. We connect people through partnerships, friendships with ideas and common visions and projects.

Festival with its current film program educates broad target group in a popular way. Through film premieres we annually bring the newest and the best from all around the world to broad audiences.

Festival is an all year ongoing interactive event, which not only addresses the issues, but also helps to come up with solutions. Thanks to accompanying activities, presentations, lectures, we assist to real solutions to current affairs.

Festival with its program invites diplomatic body of Slovak Republic to active participation. We connect public sector, municipality deputies, NGOs, environment professionals, scientists, culture professionals on one platform.

Festival is a fiesta, which means entertainment. Thanks to all day screenings and accompanying activities, this event is a week-long happening on a high cultural and social level.

Festival is a competitive event. The Selection Commission and the International Jury annually award films in competitions in each category.

The International Jury is entitled to select the following awards:

Grand Prix – Prize of the Slovak Government,
6 main category prizes,
Prize of the International Jury,
and other prizes and acknowledgments.


• The International Festival of Sustainable Development Films Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm is organized by MFF Eko s.r.o. (hereinafter Organizer) in cooperation with the Slovak Environment Agency and other festival partners. The festival objective is to inspire and alter people's attitude and relationship towards the environment, provide space for open discussion on sustainability of life on our Planet.
• Junior Festival for children and youth is part of the festival, and cooperates with elementary and secondary schools. Environmental education is its key objective.
• 45th festival will be held simultaneously in Bratislava and Banska Bystrica (date currently unavailable).
• ADMISSION FREE to all events of the festival program.


• Only entries relevant to the competition categories and produced after January 1, 2016 shall be accepted into the international competition. Participation at other festivals is not a limitation.
• There is no entry fee for the entries. Submission is free of charge. The Organizer shall not pay any screening fees to the Submitter.
• Entry forms must be filled out and submitted through the FilmFreeway platform. Entries must be submitted no later than 31th December 2017. Incomplete entries shall be rejected.
• Submitter must not withdraw the entry from the festival program once officially confirmed by submitting the entry.
• Shipping fees and insurance of any kind of material shall be covered by the Submitter.
• Submitter hereby declares that he or she is a holder of all applicable distribution rights to submitted films and that this submission does not violate property rights of other parties or personal or proprietary copyright of the author or authors of a given film. The Organizer shall not be held liable for possible violations of right resulting from unauthorized submission of a film to the contest.


• Entry forms must be filled out and submitted through the FilmFreeway platform, along with all of the necessary items listed below. These items may be uploaded through FilmFreeway or sent directly to info@ekotopfilm.sk (when protected, do not forget to state the password).
• Submitted entries must come with the final dialog script with time-code in English language.
• Entries in any other language than Slovak, Czech or English must contain embedded English subtitles.
• Submitter undertakes to send press kit / promotion material – film synopsis, poster, film pictures, trailer, info on film director. You can upload all material via entry form on FilmFreeway. The aforementioned materials shall remain the property of the festival’s archive and shall be used for the film promotion, festival’s catalog, website, and any other festival activities and press releases.
• Technical requirements for film entries: recommended format HD 1080p, codec H.264 or X264, H.265, accepted container AVI, MPG, MPG2, MP4, MOV, WMV, frame rate 24 fps, 25 fps, sound norm EBU-R128 LUFS -24dB, aspect ratio 16:9. The Submitter hereby agrees the Organizer may use maximum 3 minutes of the film entry for festival promotion in any kind of media.
• Non-compliance with the Statute entitles the Organizer to reject the entry from the international contest.


• Selection Commission selects entries for the international contest. The Selection Commission is authorized to reject any entry that does not meet the required technical standards, quality and compliance with the statute or festival relevance.
• Selection Commission selects limited number of films. The Selection Commission is entitled to move the submitted film in other competition category.
• Films selected for the international contest are viewed and evaluated by the International Jury.
• International Jury is entitled to award following prizes :

Grand Prix – Prize of the Slovak Government,
6 main category prizes,
Prize of the International Jury,
and other prizes and acknowledgments.

• Films in the contest shall be screened within festival program.
• Films in the contest shall be considered and evaluated in these categories:

A | Explore Nature (max 60 min) – Nature and nature science films intended to inform and entertain by creatively exploring ecological systems and their inhabitants (people, flora, fauna). The goal of these films is to show viewers how earth’s inhabitants interact within their environment and how each one attempts to maintain their position and continue to thrive.

B | Success Stories (max 60 min) – Films about how individuals (or groups) have addressed sustainability issues through changes in the attitudes, behaviors of the people involved or technological solutions. Entries should explore any new activities, processes or new technologies that are successfully resolving ecology and quality of life.

C | Current Affairs (max 60 Minutes) – Films about contemporary ecological sustainability issues and crises, and their impact on global or local environment or culture. These issues can be the result of natural events such as climate change, drought, storms, floods, or earthquakes; or the result of human activity, such as population growth, habitat destruction, misuse of natural resources, or waste mismanagement, etc.

D | Shorts (max 15 Minutes) – This category is for short films addressing ecology, natural science, environmental issues and sustainability in thought-provoking and inspiring way. We do not accept public service announcements.

E | Features: Sustainability and Us (60 min and longer) – Films explaining the necessity of global sustainability, inspiring and encouraging to change our attitude and acting towards our Planet Earth.

F | Kids (max 15min) – Films for school age children, those focus on environmental education (recycling, endangered species, endangered environments, nature protection etc.) and develop caring and respectful relationship towards our Planet.


• By submitting the film the Submitter agrees to enter into program Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm Tour without royalty right or screening fees. The program Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm Tour shall screen selected films within Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and other countries.
• Selected films may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes such as education process.


• For personal participation at the festival contact us: info@ekotopfilm.sk
• Personal participation not included within festival program shall be covered by the participant.


• By submitting the film the Submitter agrees to the terms and conditions of the Statute. Copyright © Ekotopfilm 1974-2018

Overall Rating
  • false
    Lena Králiková Hashimoto

    Very nice communication, good promotion, nice people :)

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the compliments Lena! Looking forward to see your future projects.

  • false
    Emilia Stålhammar

    Our film CYCOLOGIC won the Prize of the Media Partner Aktuality.sk for Inspiring Message at the Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm 2017 which we are so grateful and proud of! Even though we couldn't attend the festival the communication throughout the process was fantastic and I can highly recommend this festival!

    June 2017
    Response from festival:

    Hello Emma, thank you very much for your kind words, looking forward to seeing your work in future. Fingers crossed with the Cycologic film at other festivals!

  • false
    Pascal Gélinas

    IFF Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm is a unique festival. During the day, the team works on the DNA of children with workshops and films to make them sensitive to sustainable development. Then after 4 pm, the adult audience take over with films, debates, Q&A, and conferences looking for the same goal. And when the festival is over, the winning films go on a one year tour through 150 towns and cities of Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. There is no inscription fee because they do not want to make money with the filmmakers. On the contrary, if selected, they offer them accomodation. I HIGHLY recommend this festival. It has been going on for more than 4 decades with great results. And the team is truly dedicated to his work.

    June 2017
    Response from festival:

    Pascal thank you very much. It was our pleasure to welcome you in Bratislava to screen A Bridge Between Two Worlds to Slovak audience. Thanks to you and other filmmakers we can inspire public to protect the environment we all share.

  • false
    Pranab Aich

    I am glad my film CITYS STEP CHILD AND THE DUMP HILL DREAMS won the best short documentary award here, I think it's one of the best environment film festivals across the world. Throughout the event, the festival team was warm, professional and very supportive to me.

    May 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much for your kind words Pranab! We're proud that each year our festival based in Slovakia reaches to more countries, addresses new directors, covers crucial themes.
    Congratulations again, we're looking forward to seeing your work in future!