Rhythm Cycle Projects in partnership with The City of Ekurhuleni are rolling out the 2nd Ekurhuleni International Film Festival
in from 9 September - 9 November 2017.

The heat is on. The Ekurhuleni International Film Festival is on a mission to
attract aspiring and emerging filmmakers locally and internationally. .

The aim is to create an annual film festival that will give emerging filmmakers an
opportunity to screen their films. Filmmakers are urged to send their 3 minute trailer /
screeners before the 30th August 2017. Professional industry adjudicators will select
the suitably qualified films to be screened daily throughout the festival.

Additionally workshops and seminars will be conducted to expand film development
projects to aspiring filmmakers. Films or documentaries of any genre are welcome to promote potential. Local and international investors to invest in the emerging film industry thereby creating sustainable jobs, boosting tourism and attracting international visitors to explore our country. The festival promises to be a flamboyant affair filled with a melting pot of cultures and offering a bouquet of creative variety. For more information call or email us on rcptshepo@gmail.com.

1.Best Cinematography Award
(A film which displays high end cinematography, lighting and locations)
2.Best Editing Award
(A film that displays outstanding editing techniques and colour grading)
3.Best International Award
(A film shot outside South Africa by non-South Africans)

 4.Best Script Award
(A Film that has the best script)

5.Best Animation Award
( 3D animation that has the best overall aspects in the Web, TV or film medium)

6.Best Documentary Award
(A documentary film that has international appeal)
7.Best Final Mix Award
( A film that has great final mix)

8.Best Ekurhuleni Film Award
(An outstanding film produced by an Ekurhuleni Production Company)
9.Best Innovative Film Award
(An award for a film that portrays a high level of innovation in its storytelling)
10.Lifetime Achievement Award
(This is awarded to a person who has contributed to the growth of the African film industry in the film industry)
11.Best Director Award
(An award for the best director)
12.Best Student Award
(A film produced by a student)
13.Best Actor Award
(An actor that has done well)

 14.Best Actress Award
(An award for an actress that has done well)

15.Best Lighting Award
( a film that has the best lighting)

16.Best Producer Award
(A producer that made a film that has international appeal)
17.Best Musical Composition Award
( An award given to a great musical composition )

18.Best Short Film Award
(An outstanding short film)
19.Best Feature Film Award
(An award for a feature film that portrays a high level of innovation in its storytelling)
20.Photographer Of The Year Award
(An award given to the best photographer)

Who Can Submit a Film?
As long as you are a College or University student or an independent producer you can submit a film. This year we’re accepting submissions mainly from: Africa, Latin America, Asia and The rest of the world.
The person submitting the film must have had a major creative role in the production of the film.
What’s the Submission Process?
Your submission should include the following:
1. Send us a synopsis of yor film.
3. A trailer of your film. This can be delivered to us or emailed to
as an mov or mp4 file. Trailers will be used to advertise the Film Festival.
4. Submit the above materials to). If you are submitting a film, you can mail your submission to: rcptshepo@gmail.com

When Are Submissions Due? 
Submissions are due on the 30th August 2017.?
The Ekurhuleni International Film Festival (EIFF) is organizing the 2nd Annual Film Festival. Members of the selection committee will view the films and decide which ones are screened at the festival. We will likely screen all submissions, but it is based on the amount and length of the submissions we receive.
For more information about the EIFF visit www.eifilmfest.co.za or follow us on twitter @eifilmfest_info and find us on Facebook. Search “ Ekurhuleni International Film Festival.”
What Kinds of Film Are You Looking For?
We are looking for any genre and style of film. Be it documentary or experimental.
What’s In It For Me?
You get to show your film to a huge audience! EIFF has appointed a Film Festival Awards Selection Committee, which will vote on and distribute awards the submitted films.
When is the Film Festival?
9th Sept -9thNovember 2017.

Overall Rating
  • Massimo Burhanuddin

    Like other reviewers have mentioned, there was no communication from the festival. We emailed them but never heard back from them either. It seems a nice festival based on their website. Very unfortunate!

    January 2019
  • The organisers had a problem with filmfreeway and were unable to communicate with some of the participants. However it was a good festival and I enjoyed it. The entertainment was great aside from a few technical issues. But overall it was enjoyable.

    November 2017
  • René Wiesner

    Unfortunately there was no communication nor a screening.

    October 2017
  • I don't understand why and how you send a notification selecting a film then you never respond via email or even send a laurel
    Last year they came up with an excuse that filmmakers got it wrong that selecting a film is not actually being in competition it just means we are going through finals too like it's a contest not a film festival
    This festival is not recommended at all it's a waste of time and energy

    July 2017
  • Mattia Trabucchi

    As the other director said... no reply , no contact...finally it exist this festival?

    July 2017