EFF is an international film festival for unconventional independent film, organised at several vibrant locations in Eindhoven (NL). Dare to be different is this years theme.

In a world that is rapidly changing, we feel it’s important to move along. As a festival we put focus on the experience and like to challenge the audience as well as the makers to question the medium film, in order to stimulate innovative productions that really wow.
We love to show the diversity of the medium. Therefore we’re always looking for films and moving images that question the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.

The 9th edition will take place from the 28th of November to the 1st of December in the city center. Eindhoven is an innovative city with a worldwide top position in technology, design and knowledge.

During these days we show you unconventional independent films varying from experimental shorts to breathtaking documentaries. We are very proud to present work of talented film makers from all over the world. Besides an extensive film program you can enjoy a broad variety of film related extras like live film scores, workshops and talks and exhibitions.

Eindhoven Film Festival:
• Likes to be a catalyser for innovations in film, i.a. by mixing various disciplines and encouraging filmmakers to experiment regardless of traditions and clichés. We use the festival as a playground/laboratory where filmmakers as well as the audience are encouraged to make the imaginable possible.
• Likes to redesign the way we experience film in collaboration with the filmmakers as well as the audience.
• Wants to turn Eindhoven into a furtive breeding ground for innovative film productions, national as well as international.
• Aims to broaden peoples perspective on society by showing unconventional (fictive/(hyper)real) stories straight from the heart of the filmmakers.
• Strives for inclusiveness. Eindhoven counts about 150 nationalities. We feel it’s important that the different cultures in Eindhoven feel at home and represented at the festival.

Everyone is a winner! All the work we show at our festival deserves a prize. We feel it's important present the films and give makers and oppurtunity to shine at our festival.
It's not about the awards it is about the stories makers have to tell and share with us.

There are a couple of prizes to win, more information about this will be online soon!


• EFF selects fiction, animation, experimental/art film, videolclips, VR projects and documentary films. In short we aim to show the variety of film and moving image, we encourage productions that break boundaries.
• We do not have any premiere status requirements. Priority may be given to works which have not recently reached large scale audiences.
• The film must be submitted before the 2th of September 2019.
• The film must be subtitled in English or Dutch. If the film is in English,
we don't necessarily need english subtitles - but we prefer it.
• The (digital) submitted material (the trailer or the movie, synopsis and stills from your film) can be used for publicity purposes of Eindhoven Film Festival.
• The organisation of EFF has decision-making authority, in the event of unclear or unforeseen situations in this regulation, different decisions can be made.
•Results can’t be corresponded or discussed.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of entries received, EFF cannot give individual feedback on submissions.

• All films must be submitted by this website (Filmfreeway.com)
• Later (before 25th of October) send a DCP file when your film is selected.
• All attached documents will not be returned.
• Movies that show a technical error or stuttering, are not selected.
• The jury that makes the selection for the EFF 2019, is anonymous. There are no statements made about them and nothing will be corresponded or discussed on the reason why a movie is or is not selected. All participants will receive a letter (mail) with the decisive result.

1. Upload your film to Filmfreeway for screening before the 2nd of September.
2. Add 2 film stills that are at least 300 dpi and that are preferably CMYK instead of RGB.
3. Add a digital English synopsis with a maximum of 40 words.
4. On the 11th of October you get confirmation that your film is selected or turned down.
5. Send in your DCP before the 25th of October.
We need the DCP for screening at our festival. If your film will be programmed as an exhibition/installation a DCP is not requierd. In this case we will contact you personally.
6. Also send us a copy of your film as a MOV or MP4 file.
Please note that this file will be used for promotional use only.
7.Please fill in a complete list of cast & crew members.

Anyone who submits a film for EFF thereby agrees with being the holder of the rights of the film or have the rights of the film another way.

By subscribing and sending a film to the EFF, the filmmaker thereby agrees that the film was not made for commercial purposes with commercial money and is therefore an independent production.

When your film is selected for the Eindhoven Film Festival (notification 11th of October). You will then have 2 weeks to send in the DCP to us, so we can check it for errors. Deadline is the 25th of October. If we don't have the DCP on our deadline, your selection (or nomination) can be cancelled. Please contact us if you need help with your DCP.
On http://isdcf.com/dcnc/ you can check how to name the DCP-file that you are going to send us. All files must be named consequently by the Digital Cinema Naming Convention. See http://isdcf.com/dcnc/
We need the DCP with subtitles on it. If the film is in English - we don't necessarily need English subtitles - but we prefer it.
If you have any questions regarding DCP or other technical issues please contact: wouter@eindhovenfilmfestival.nl

An anonymous 'pre-selection' jury selects and nominates the films for EFF 2019.
The 'professinal jury' will have the final say in making the final selection.
The EFF has the right to place your entry in a different category than subscribed. If the fee for this category is higher, we have to charge the difference. If the fee is lower we will NOT refund the fee. Results can’t be corresponded or discussed.
All participants are notified by mail.

If your film is selected for the EFF, you will receive free daytickets to visit the festival.
Nominated filmmakers from outside of the Netherlands will be invited to the festival.
We will support your stay in Eindhoven, not your travel expenses.

The submitter is solely responsible for compliance with the laws of the Netherlands.
The festival is not liable for any violations.
By subscribing and sending a film to the EFF, the filmmaker thereby accepts and agrees to the General terms and conditions.

Overall Rating
  • An excellent festival on all counts. So honoured that our short "Box Office Smash" was nominated in 2 categories! Held in a super-hip neighbourhood in Eindhoven, they put us up in a very cool hotel just 3 mins walk from the festival venue. Lots of cool spots nearby and the venue itself was very well equipped with great cinema screens, all high quality. All films were shown in DCP format, so seen and heard at their best. The selection of films were all of a really high calibre, which made us feel even more honoured that our film was amongst them. For us, the festival standout was 'Sisters' - an absolutely exquisite film which should win big everywhere in our opinion. Looking forward to seeing 'Dante vs Mohammed Ali' and 'Make Aliens Dance'. The student category was also very strong. All in all a really worthwhile festival and we had a great time attending, leaving with tons of inspiration, encouragement and some new connections. Thank you EFF!

    December 2018
  • Michael Daniel Vetter

    A very friendly and professional festival team, excellent communication! Unique spirit, very innovative! We are glad and proud that we have been part of the Eindhoven Film Festival and surely will come back with new projects. Highly recommended!

    December 2018
  • Aiman Hassani

    Love this festival! The place in Holland for Independent Filmmakers.

    February 2018
  • This was a superb festival that our clients absolutely adored being involved with - from the reasonable submission fee down to the communication, we think it's brilliant.

    December 2017
  • Carmelo Zucco

    It was excellent to hear that my Film Isolamento was selected to The Eindhovens Film Festival. I was sadly unable to go, which was tough as all the events and panels looked really interesting. I was happy as they requested a DCP of the film. It's always a nice feeling to know that your film will look its best at a screening. Communication was always fast and I never felt in the dark about anything. I'm hard at work on a new short and can't wait to apply again and hopefully go next time!

    December 2017