e-flux Film Award is a prize for artists' films that push the boundaries of the aesthetic and critical potential of moving images in the age of planetary circulation of information. Selected by a jury of distinguished artists, filmmakers, and film selectors and curators from open submissions, it will be awarded annually, with three awards given: a first prize of $3000 USD, a second prize of $2000 USD, and an honorable mention. Awarded films will be screened at the e-flux Screening Room in New York.

e-flux Film Award welcomes submissions from both emerging and established artists who subvert and redefine traditional narrative forms and broaden our understanding and perception through the mastery of both film form and content. “How does one see what is hidden behind the images?,” Harun Farocki once asked. In line with e-flux Film’s programming that aims to challenge the expectations established by the commodification of moving-image art and to facilitate the critical discussion of artists’ films, e-flux Film Award is committed to recognizing works that deviate from the dominant and conventional regimes of visibility providing insightful and critical perspectives on today's world.

This inaugural edition of e-flux Film Award will be juried by Charles Mudede, Anri Sala, and Anocha Suwichakornpong. The preselection of submissions will be reviewed by Lukas Brasiskis, Dmitry Frolov, and Steff Hui Ci Ling.

First prize: USD $3000
Second prize: USD $2000 USD
Third prize: Honorable mention
Awarded films will be screened at the e-flux Screening Room in New York

• Submitted works must have been completed in the last two years, and must be under 60 minutes in duration
• Previously screened as well as never-before screened works are eligible
• Only one submission per author per award cycle will be considered
• Submissions are accepted by emerging or established artists and filmmakers, individuals or collectives; some history of exhibitions and/or screenings of previous work is expected
• Only digital, single-channel files are accepted
• Authors must have copyright of the work they are submitting
• Submissions must be made directly by the author; submissions by production companies or distributors will not be considered
• Subtitles in English are required for all submissions featuring non-English dialogue or voice-over; subtitles must be burned in
• All submissions must clearly include title, year, duration, country or countries production, and film synopsis; and author’s bio, year and place of birth, and list of recent presentations of work
• Submissions that fail to meet the above requirements may be automatically disqualified