The 8th Drunken Zombie Film Festival is now open for submissions! We are celebrating our 8th year of showing independent horror films to a horror audience that is hungry to see something outside of the studio system that can tap into the horror life line and bring them a great experience they have been craving. We show all types of horror films and not just zombie films which some take our name to imply. So whatever type of horror film you have feel free to submit.

Our submission process is easy. Look in the rules and terms section. By submitting to us you agree to that form. If you would also like to have your film considered for our monthly double features be sure to submit it to that category as well. No entry fees. No complex rules. If you want your horror film seen by an audience that is craving the next great horror film then this is the festival for you. We are looking for feature films, short films, music videos, trailers, etc. Anything you got we’ll take a look at. The deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2016.

Our film festival is taking place on March 11-12, 2016 at Landmark Cinemas in Peoria, IL. Have your film Slay In Peoria!

Praise For The DZFF:
“Not only is the DZFF one of the few festivals to offer free submissions, you can tell the organizers truly care about showcasing independent talent to genre fans. Plus, the festival is fun to attend. The audience gets into the films and it becomes a true viewing experience. DZFF is one of the few festivals I repeatedly submit projects to. Support DZFF because they will do their best to support you.”
Tony Wash – Director of It's My Party... (DZFF08), A Chance In Hell (DZFF11), The Muck (DZFF14)

“Having our first slasher short and first slasher feature, Teddy & Don't Go to the Reunion, respectively, play at DZFF was an absolute pleasure. It truly is a great horror loving environment with some of the nicest horror fans you could ever hope to meet. Lots of fantastic audience participation and one hell of a line up, DZFF is one of the best horror fests we've been lucky to be a part of.”
Kevin Sommerfield – Writer of Teddy (DZFF12) and Don't Go To The Reunion (DZFF13)

“The Drunken Zombie crew has always been huge supporters of the indie horror community so when I finally completed my first feature film after 4 long years there was only one place I wanted to premiere it, the Drunken Zombie Horror Film Festival. It was an honor and a privilege to have my film shown there and it attracted new fans that I never would have been able to reach on my own to the film's Facebook page. I will always be thankful for the support Bryan, Randy, Wes and Dave have shown me and my film.“
Rory Abel – Director of Phobia (DZFF13)

“No entry fees. Loved by genre fans. And, for me, getting screened in the USA was a major boost. I couldn't make it to the festival but I was talked about on their podcast. I love the the Drunken Zombie Festival. They gave me a chance. Thanks guys.”
Clive Tonge – Director Sunday Best (DZFF12)

“We were thrilled to have our film chosen to screen at Drunken Zombie! The name alone makes you want to have one of their coveted laurels! Our interaction with the festival staff was fantastic and there were some great films screened. We would definitely submit to them again!”
Jim Brennan – Executive Producer of An American Terror (DZFF13)

“My experience with DZFF has been a very positive one. They do a great job of promoting the films they select and I hope they continue to be successful in presenting fantastic genre fare to the masses for years to come.”
Patrick Rea – Director of Nailbiter (DZFF12), Get Off My Porch (DZFF12), Time's Up Eve (DZFF12), Counter Parts (DZFF14), and The Hourglass Figure (DZFF14

"I loved being a part of the Drunken Zombie Film Festival. The audience is the most vocal, outspoken one I've ever experienced at a Midwest festival, and the programmers work very hard to bring you unique genre films that I'm sure you've never seen before."
Trevor Juenger – Director of Coyote (DZFF13)

“DZFF is truly a bright spot on the festival scene. The festival has a passion for showcasing emerging talent, and at Drunken Zombie you know your work will be seen and appreciated by like-minded individuals.”
Thomas Smith – Director of Night Shift (DZFF09) and Night Of The Krampus (DZFF13)

“We had the distinct pleasure of having our film, "The Feed", screened at the 2011 Drunken Zombie Film Festival. Though unable to attend due to a work conflict, I had a number of people write to us saying how much they enjoyed the festival and our movie. Not only that, but a podcast was released shortly thereafter where a whole group sat around discussing the fest - and our film - in great detail! It was fantastic to hear. We rely quite a bit on social networking to keep our fans up to speed on our film's progress, and the 2011 DZFF, as well as their devoted followers, allowed us to post many, many updates. We look forward to submitting our next work as well as attending!”
Steve Gibson – Director of The Feed (DZFF11)

"DZFF makes a real effort to reach out to its filmmakers, in order to help them connect with each other and with industry. That's why I'll keep sending my films to DZFF. Also, their name is really cool."
Chris Walsh – Director Of Fitness Class Zombie (DZFF11)

Audience Award for Best Feature and Best Short

All films must have been made no earlier than January 2012.

If sending physical copies please print out the form below and send it with your submission:

I ___________________ do give Drunken Zombie permission to screen my film ___________________________ at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival during the weekend of March 11-12 2016. Drunken Zombie holds no rights over said film. I understand they are not under any obligation to screen my film. They may use images from my film or website to help promote the film festival and the screening of my film.
[ ] Also during the rest of the year we do a monthly horror double feature where we take one indie horror film and team it up with an old classic horror film. We offer the filmmakers to be as involved with these screenings as they want to be. If we chose to use your film we will contact you beforehand. If you want your film considered for these screenings too check the box at the beginning of this section.

The preferred copy of the film is DVD. This is for prescreening purposes only. If you have a film print or higher quality DVD to be screened at the festival if you’re accepted that can be discussed after the acceptance process. If you are selected for the festival we will contact you. If you can attend the festival we would love to have you there for a Q&A. Unfortunately we are unable to provide travel expenses. If you have any questions please email me:

Please send Physical Submissions to:
Bryan Wolford
2730 W. Overhill Rd.
Peoria, IL 61615

Overall Rating
  • A fantastic festival that welcomes and embraces filmmakers! Drunken Zombie was the first to give my film a chance, this fest will always be number one!

    May 2017