Dubai International Film Festival (DUBIFF) is one of the best film festivals in the United Arab Emirates!! An Official IMDb qualifying competition very soon!

The selected status can be confirmed in the same week!
The winner can be screened online for everyone through the official website! More than 80 countries participate in the Dubai Festival competitions every edition!

Dubai Festival was born as a dream in the UAE, but over the years it has spread to the whole world inspired by our beloved filmmakers! We are proud to share the incredible works through the website!

The quality standard of this online competition is very high and only awards the best films, so winners of this competition can be very proud of their achievements.

Dubai Festival Trophy and Certificates!
Three Winners per category (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)

- Best Narrative Short Film
- Best Experimental Short Film
- Best Documentary Short Film
- Best Animation Short Film
- Best Horror Short Film
- Best Comedy Short Film
- Best Short Film under 10min
- Best Short Film under 5min
- Best Music Video
- Best Half-Length Film
- Best Feature Film Fiction
- Best Feature Film Documentary
- Student Short Film
- Virtual Reality
- 1 Minute Short Film
- Web / TV Series
- Best Trailer /Teaser
- * Best Director
- * Best Cinematography
- * Best Screenplay
- * Best Soundtrack
- * Best Actor / Actress
- * Best Editing
- * Best Acting Duo
- * Best Make-up and FX

1- The festival is a monthly competition and accepts all types of films from all over the world. Short Films: under 30min. Half-Length: between 30 and 60min. Feature Films: over 60 minutes. Web Series: under 180min, Virtual Reality, and Student Short Films: under 30min. Music Videos under 10min. Trailer/Teaser: under 5min, 1 Minute Short Film: under 60 seconds.
2- There is no premiere requirement. There are no date production requirements. You can also submit the same project in the next season's competition in case you haven't been officially selected in the last editions.
3- All films must be presented in their original language (with English subtitles).
4- Additional categories (Director, Cinematography, Screenplay, etc.) will be evaluated separately, so they will be considered as separate categories, any movie has the possibility of winning them.
5- No work or artist will be either discriminated against or favored by their country of origin, language, age, race, education, ideology, or by their economic resources. Every content, every form, and every technique will be considered with no censorship of any kind.
6- Dubai Festival doesn’t download data or accept Dropbox submissions. Please only send links to your media hosted on 3rd party servers such as Vimeo or YouTube.
7- In order to be fully and properly considered, films must be available to view through FilmFreeways’s online screening interface.
8- The selection committees and juries' decisions are final.
9- In order to participate, the entrants must bear a nonrefundable entry fee.
10- Filmmakers and screenwriters retain 100% of all of the rights to their projects and materials that they submit to the Dubai Festival
11- The Festival Management reserves the right to make changes in the profile of the festival if it becomes necessary to do so due to circumstances beyond his/her control.
12a- By submitting a film or any media through FilmFreeway, the Filmmaker agrees to grant the Festival the right to use the title, synopsis, and trailer of the Film for advertisement purposes, including using those materials on the Festival's website.
12b- You agree to indemnify and hold harmless us, our officers, affiliates, employees, and partners from any and all claims and liability arising out of entering or transmitting your film or screenplay to the Dubai Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you very much for choosing our film ! We are honor to be part of your film festival! This is a great opportunity to showcase our film! Staff are very supportive and nice! Definitely will recommend to our fellow filmmakers!

    February 2024
  • John Parr

    Yes A good festival worth entering

    January 2024
  • Good festival with decent communications

    January 2024
  • Thanks for recognizing "Enter the Room" for an Honorable Mention at your festival. The communication was clear and concise and I received everything I needed. I had a good experience overall and will consider submitting future projects to Dubai Film Festival.

    January 2024
  • Teatro delle Bambole Artistic Research Group

    Thank You very much! Your Festival is fantastic and we all are happy for the prizes! We hope that more people can talk about the essays of our short movie "Borges". Thanks a lot, Andrea Cramarossa - Teatro delle Bambole.

    January 2024