Dreamanila International Film Festival celebrates the best that world cinema could ever possibly harvest. We do not exist just to provide screening venues, we are here most importantly to encourage and support masters and emerging filmmakers to showcase their films to the world with the purest and most creative visions and intentions. We invite the most revered filmmakers and industry players to select winners among our carefully and intensively programmed entries

Manila, as the Philippines’ most exciting historical capital, provides sociocultural exchange of creativity, ideas, and market-building potentials for cultural artists and workers. Dreamanila will be a conducive place for audiences and filmmakers to engage with one another. The Festival features a host of screenings, panels, educational programs, and Q&A’s that nurture the socially conscious and innovative meetings of the free-spirited and creative minds of this generation.

In 2018, the founding edition of Dreamanila International Film Festival showcased over 30 films – 15 shorts and 15 films – both screened live and online among jurors and attendees. Filmmakers from USA to Iran, and as far and as exotic as Nigeria to homeland Philippines, highlighting new and exciting young filmmakers, established directors, and previously unscreened works borne out of creative experiments and independent spirits.

On our 2nd edition in May 2020, live online screenings and awards event was held during the COVID pandemic

Projecting the pandemic would be manageable 18 months later, the 3rd and present edition was expected to finally be held in a physical venue, but as we have come to know of the present condition, the Philippines remains hard-hit by the COVID-19 situation, and so on November 19-21, Dreamanila 2021 would be projected via the internet, on our YouTube channel via Livestreaming, with hopes that in the future, it will be gloriously reinstated in its rightful and most festive mode.

The heart of the Festival continues to beat in order to establish a wider reach in discovering more independent filmmakers with fervent social, political, and professional visions.

Experience World Cinema. Your Dreams. In Manila

The Fourth Annual DREAMANILA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL will feature films in all categories. DREAMANILA 2022 shall be hosted independently by The Dreamanila Group.
Dreamanila International Film Festival is set for October 2022. Granted the pandemic provisionally ends before these dates, and events in the Philippines will be conducive to being held in physical venues - the 4th edition of the festival is tentatively scheduled as mentioned.

Given that securing funds remain irregular due to the hard blows in Philippine economy, Dreamanila 2022 is still characterized by its humble nature to provide whatever accessible platform it can possibly gather. The online edition may still continue depending on the provisionality of the state of the global health crisis, and the financial capability of the festival.

What remains is our fervent hope to create and reach out to audiences worldwide, and to introduce and reintroduce film talents and voices.

Award Winners will be receiving Certificates of Honors. The Categories are as follow:
Best Film
Best Performance
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Achievement in Aural and Artistic Design
Social Media Award
Audience Award

Eligibility Requirements

1. Films completed on or after January 1, 2018 are eligible for consideration.
2. Films that have been completed on or before January 1, 2018 are ELIGIBLE provided they have not been publicly screened.
3. Films previously submitted to the Dreamanila International Film Festival are NOT eligible for consideration
4. All entries not in the English language must be subtitled in English.
5. Entrant confirms and warrants required legal authority to submit the entry to the Festival and to use all music, images, and content in the entry.

Submission Guidelines

1. Feature-length films must be submitted via online screener hosted by Vimeo or FilmFreeway. Online screeners must be available to download.
2. Only complete entries (including fee payment and screener) will be considered.
3. All films selected for the Dreamanila International Film Festival will screen on DVD/MP4 unless otherwise arranged by the submitting filmmaker and programming team.

Early deadline entries must be submitted online by November 30, 2021
Regular deadline entries must be submitted online by December 23, 2021.
Late deadline entries must be submitted online by February 22, 2022.
Extended deadline entries must be submitted online by March 27, 2022.
Expanded Deadline entries must be submitted online by September 30, 2022

The cost of shipping an entry to the Festival must be paid by the entrant. All international entries must be sent “free domicile” to the Festival office with all transportation charges, duties, and taxes prepaid by the shipper

Judging & Selection
Films are selected for Festival presentation by the Dreamanila International Film Festival programming committee. If a film is selected, the Festival office will contact the entrant by email.
All entrants will be notified on or before September 15, 2022
Entry Fees
Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Entry fees are not refundable. Fees cover registration, registration notification, full consideration by the programming department, and notification of the results. These fees may be paid by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express).

Overall Rating
  • Obadiah Baker

    An amazing festival! Thank you for screening “Inside Out” at your annual event.

    October 2022
  • Thank you for choosing my movie as BEST SCREEN PLAY.
    Let's meet again!

    December 2021
  • Keith Barnfather

    Marvellous to see "Asylum - Love Has No Borders" get this recognition (Best Film). Highlighting the faults in the worldwide Asylum system was our main aim. Great festival with real heart! Highly recommended.

    November 2021
  • Thank you Dreamanila International Film Fest for choosing my screenplay "Becoming Raven" as an Award Winner under the Best Unproduced Screenplay category. I'm so happy to be part of this festival!

    November 2021
  • Pawlo Las Marias

    It was a great festival! Thank you for awarding my short The Land Of No Forgiveness for an honorable mention for direction.

    November 2021