Thank you for the detailed feedback. Whoever did this feedback is a caring person with heart!
- Doris B. Gill (Rembrandt and the Seedlings, Feature Script)

Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Drama & Family Festival. Screenplay Festival every single month.

Get your Short Film showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival and get a audience video. (NOTE: All film festivals are done with a private audience to maximize the audience feedback video that the filmmaker will receive.)

All films with a DRAMA or FAMILY genre is eligible.

Drama and Family festivals occur 6 times a year. Go to the website for information on the next events.

Plus, we always have a special place for Family films:

FAMILY and KIDS Films will always be needed and wanted in our society. If you can write a great family screenplay, or make a great family short film, then you are definitely on your way to having a great career. This portion of the Writing and Film Festival would like to present at least 40 new works of Family & Kids Films/Stories a year. As of September 2015, we have showcased over 50+ family stories at our festival this year alone. Submit your script or short film today.

Read Daily Family Festival Testimonials:

Note: Trying to get 1-2 more festivals in at our LA LIVE Cinema location. Screenplay DRAMA Festival occurs every single month.

– 0ffers screenwriters, novelists and storytellers at all levels the fantastic opportunity to hear their stories read aloud using TOP PROFESSIONAL ACTORS.

– Offers filmmakers to get their works showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. Then the filmmaker will receive and audience reaction video on their film.

We specialize in showcasing Family stories and making sure that when the work is ready, the writer will benefit by at least obtaining a solid agent.

NEW Showcase: Submit your FEATURE FILM and receive an audience feedback promotional/testimonial video of your film. Great video to use to get into more festivals and/or promote your film. All submissions receive feedback on their film no matter what.

Accepted Films get their short films showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. Then you'll garner an Audience Video on your film which is a great promotional vehicle, which will set you up to get submitted to future festivals.

Accepted Screenplays get their work performed by professional actors at the writing festival.

Write a Story. Edit the heck of it.

Make a Short Film. Prepare. Execute. And edit the heck of it.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you so much for hosting us! We were thrilled and honored to be part of Festival for Drama Film & Writing! Having your audience/jury feedback video deeply touched us and made us more than happy! Thank you!!

    January 2023
  • Vanessa Powers

    This festival is great - their communication, promotion, and feedback are all top notch. They invest their resources in the films that are a part of their festival, and I'm so grateful to have had 2 films be a part of their festival over the past couple years. I will 100% continue to submit.

    November 2022
  • Sebastien Begin

    Great festival, great people, would recommend to any filmmaker.

    October 2022
  • Raoul Bhatt

    It was very nice to receive the video feedback of the people that watched my film. I highly recommend.

    April 2022
  • Kenan Karayağız

    It was a quality organization. It was an honor to receive the best director award. Feedback and communication was absolutely successful. Thank you again.

    August 2021