Thank you for the detailed feedback. Whoever did this feedback is a caring person with heart!
- Doris B. Gill (Rembrandt and the Seedlings, Feature Script)

Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Family Festival. Screenplay Festival every single month.

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All films with a DRAMA genre is eligible.

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Plus, we always have a special place for Family films:

FAMILY and KIDS Films will always be needed and wanted in our society. If you can write a great family screenplay, or make a great family short film, then you are definitely on your way to having a great career. This portion of the Writing and Film Festival would like to present at least 40 new works of Family & Kids Films/Stories a year. As of September 2015, we have showcased over 50+ family stories at our festival this year alone. Submit your script or short film today.

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Note: Trying to get 1-2 more festivals in at our LA LIVE Cinema location. Screenplay DRAMA Festival occurs every single month.

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– Offers filmmakers to get their works showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. Then the filmmaker will receive and audience reaction video on their film.

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We specialize in showcasing Family stories and making sure that when the work is ready, the writer will benefit by at least obtaining a solid agent.

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Accepted Screenplays get their work performed by professional actors at the writing festival.

Read recent testimonials of writers/filmmakers who have had their work showcased at the Family Film Festival:

Thank you very much! I got a brilliant description of the screenplay content and a very very helpful feedback. I do agree with all the points you have made and am really grateful to know exactly what to do now to improve the script! Thank you also for the kind encouragement!
- Kristine Tauch (A Land Called Fabulous, Feature Script)

I was very happy my movie sold and people got what I wanted to say. The audience totally got it. It made me believe in myself tenfold
- Tingting Liu (Being, Short Film)

I thought the feedback was quite helpful. The notes were very careful and clear, so I sent in another script this year, only to be excited, grateful, and pleasantly surprised to have this script move to the next level.
- Laura Morton (I'm Going Somewhere Else, Feature Screenplay)

It was very pleasing to hear the feedback from the festival. I was flattered. I’m glad our film was well-received.
– Burleigh Smith (FIXED, Short Film)

The festival is a unique opportunity to showcase your work. Not only is the feedback terrific, but I do not know of any other festival that will create a production of the winning works.
- David M. Hyde (The Fireworks Stand, Feature Screenplay)

I thought that the feedback video was one of the best gifts this short film could bring me. Everything the audience said was so precise, every emotion… They captured the essence of the film! I never thought it could go so far. It really inspired me to keep on working.
- Laura Garcia (ALEX, Short Film)

It was terrific. I very much enjoyed seeing my script performed! It was helpful to hear & see my dialogue read out loud. Now I know where to make further improvements.
- Ana R. Dominick (Boomerang The Great, Short Script)

It was very cool. The audience was amazing. It was exactly the kind of reactions we were expecting when we were making the film. Thank you again !
- Jean-Baptiste Aziere (MERKUR, Short Film)

Thank you for the very informative feedback. I really appreciate the diverse perspective that was given. Again, thank you.
– Jamison Derfler (God’s Will, Feature Screenplay)

The festival experience was great. I never have a chance to record audience comments, so I’m very happy that people from Toronto gave me such single-hearted comments.
- Yangtong Zhu (MY MILK CUP COW, Short Film)

Write a Story. Edit the heck of it.

Make a Short Film. Prepare. Execute. And edit the heck of it.

Overall Rating
  • Raoul Bhatt

    It was very nice to receive the video feedback of the people that watched my film. I highly recommend.

    April 2022
  • Kenan Karayağız

    It was a quality organization. It was an honor to receive the best director award. Feedback and communication was absolutely successful. Thank you again.

    August 2021
  • Einav Namer-Yelin

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event. The organiser is so friendly and patient, the feedback part is a great experience. In times where it all comes to a link to stream to, this event gives a good answer. The festival is monthly and not yearly. Thanks again for everything!!! ❤️ Einav namer yelin

    March 2021
  • Jeffrey Morin

    Very pleased with this event. They did a fantastic job from review of the script to the table read. High quality all around and that makes the entry well worth the effort. I highly recommended this one!

    October 2020
  • Maaya Modha

    Thank you Family Festival!!!

    We are London-based film-makers and we made our first short film 'Tea & Coffee' last year which we submitted to the Festival and this was an absolutely amazing experience! They not only accepted our short in to the Festival for Drama and Family, but also informed us that Tea & Coffee had been accepted for the Feedback Festival, where we get a chance to hear live audience feedback after a screening of our short.

    This was al incredibly well organised, with regular communication from the respective Festival teams and we were delighted to receive a video of the live audience feedback yesterday, as we could not travel to Toronto for this.

    Thank you so much, this has been such a wonderful and life-changing experience!

    February 2019