MISSION STATEMENT: To provide filmmakers & screenplay writers of diverse backgrounds and/or with diverse stories a place to showcase their voice to a large audience and help further their careers as an artist! Free of stereotypes and degradation. We will bring a true multicultural experience represented for the artist and for the audience who attends the festival.

We support the following topics, filmmakers and communities: LGBT, Disability Culture, Racial/Ethnic Diversity, Religious Diversity, Family structures, as well as other social diversities including the aging population and youth in cinema.

This festival hub is part of the FEEDBACK Festival format that takes place at least 8 times a MONTH in Los Angeles & Toronto. Weekly film festivals and screenplay table readings occurs.

- Filmmakers receive an audience feedback video from the festival after their film is accepted.

- Screenplay writers received FULL FEEDBACK on every single entry from the industry. Winners get their work performed by professional actors who will be casted according to the diverse material in the script.

We WILL have a WINNING screenplays every single month!

NEW Showcase: Submit your FEATURE FILM and receive an audience feedback promotional/testimonial video of your film. Great video to use to get into more festivals and/or promote your film. All submissions receive feedback on their film no matter what.

All festival dates have been relegated to private screenings with the same Audience FEEDBACK videos made for the short & feature films, and recorded script readings performed by professional actors for the screenplays. This is our way of showing community over distance so everyone around the world can experience our Audience Feedback videos.


– Your film will get screened in front of a large, broad audience.

– We are a feedback festival and you will actually hear what people and action/adventure film lovers think of your film.

– Your film is screened and then talked about with the audience, lead by a Professional Industry moderator.

Diversity Screenplay Festival:

– 0ffers screenwriters at all levels the fantastic opportunity to hear their stories read aloud using TOP PROFESSIONAL ACTORS (see below for recent performance readings).

– No matter what happens, you will receive full feedback on your work by our established committee. No other place in the world will you get coverage for the price you pay.

– Even if you’re just looking for feedback of your work, this is the festival for you.

In your submission, please add the following:

– TYPE OF WORK (TV script, Feature script, short script)
– (optional) and a 1-2 line synopsis of your story/film.

PLEASE ADD YOUR FULL CONTACT INFO (especially email address) on the title page of your work.

Read more testimonials:

Seeing the people’s reactions and comments on the film from the audience was a great experience for me and the rest of the crew and cast. I wish more festivals had an event like this as it is the very core of filmmaking. It made the screening of my film at your festival (and the awards) really special and real.
- Director John Hellberg "Mousse" short film

The feedback notes taught me, analysis after analysis, how to trim the fat and think organically, and helped me understand that in a good script “less means more”.
- Alexandre Kounde, TV Pilot "No Love Doves"

This is a very good idea ! I really like the initial reactions to the audience because I saw different kind of reactions. That’s why I made this film to provide various emotions and feelings to the audience.
– Director Karim Quaret, "Lapsus" short film

The FEEDBACK Festival has a reputation for providing on-the-money professional feedback for each submission. I like to enter every project I do in WILDsound because it is a great barometer for comparing your work to what is hot in the industry.
- Michael Miceli, Feature Screenplay "BESA"

It’s a little surreal. It’s amazing that people in Toronto got to see our little film! And I was surprised about the comments. Often people in Q & A sessions are only interested in single aspects about the films they’ve watched. But your audience analyzed our short on so many levels, that I was blown away!
- Director Florian Puchert, "Wrong Place, Wrong Crime" short film

I loved the idea of actors reading my story. Apart from the potential publicity, this seemed like such a privilege. And I really appreciated the feedback. It was encouraging, but also spot-on as far as weaknesses.
- Lauren Hoekstra (Yellow Touch Red, You're Dead)

Overall Rating
  • John Parr

    A spectacular festival. The audience reviews were so so informed and really very savvy. This festival has been one of the most wonderful experiences my team and I have had and all my team and indeed our cast were really taken by this refreshing angle from a live audience in the festival world. I could not recommend it high enough. Top top drawer.

    September 2023
  • Greg Moran

    It was a privilege to have our short film Culicidae’ screened at the festival and win the award for Best Diversity Short film. The audience feedback was excellent, heartfelt and much appreciated. Great communication all round and very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend this festival.

    November 2022
  • Nilesh Chandrakant Nevgi

    Thank you for selecting " THE SILENT SCREAM " as best short film.
    This inspires me to get better at my art .I will surely submit future projects again ..Also Thanks for the audience feedback video and blog interview ..its something unique.... Thank you! .🙏

    August 2022
  • Rodney Grier

    Thank You Allison and the Entire Diversity Film 🎥 Festival Staff for Choosing and Screening BOZO !!!
    Ron Weisberg Director and Elizabeth Kallman are Thrilled that we are Now on the Map for our First Film 🎞 Festival Win !!!

    July 2022
  • Pepe García Gilling

    The variety of things offered at this festival is non-stop. I entered my script and the team has shown such dedication to getting the story out there, really out there. Podcast, written interview, script reading, and more. This one's truly worth it. Thanks y'all, ¡abrazo!

    August 2021