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dis/quiet 2.0

Through a series of discussions, a dystopian reality has been outlined: some peculiar news in the offer of prostitution face a society which is not totally ready to accept them.
A couple decides to play a joke on their friends telling them that their relationship is over. This situation quickly turns into an opportunity to make revelations and comments on their private life, gradually painting an whole social context.
Prejudices and reasons are alternately used to describe a new legal, public and cheap offer in the prostitution area, which is in line with the widespread fantasies and needs of the society of impersonal relationships, but still seems to be too advanced in relation to the eternal cultural, religious and reputation superstructures revolving around controversial topics, such as sex.

  • Monia De Lauretis
  • Edward Cutarella
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    dis/quiet 2.0
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 12 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 10, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    0 USD
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  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Monia De Lauretis

Monia De Lauretis, born in Pescara on 29 January 1973, has always dedicated herself to more interests and forms of art, from painting to writing, sculpture, illustration, photography, acting, music (both as a journalist and as a musician), and to various hybrid forms, in an absolutely indipendent and self-taught way.
In recent years she has taken a more detailed look at photography, dedicating herself to the great love for street photography and to projects that are markedly more personal, always focused on the most primitive, unusual and unspeakable human instincts and aspects.
She comes to cinema between 2017 and 2018 covering all the artistic and technical roles, without any experience and budget, for the short "dis / quiet", always in full independent and diy attitude.

Edward Cutarella has been writing and directing short films over ten years.
Currently he has directed three shorts “Soldi Spesi Bene” (2012), Il Rumore Del Mare (2015) which deal with inner city neonoir themes and in 2018 he co-wrote and co-directed “Dis/quiet” with Monia De Lauretis, a dystopian work that deals with sexuality and relationships in a possible near future.

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Director Statement

Dis/quiet è una produzione totalmente indipendente e no budget nata per gioco, realizzata con l'aiuto di attori non professionisti (salvo un paio di eccezioni) e di 35 comparse, tutto a titolo gratuito, senza tecnici professionisti e con strumentazioni limitate (macchina fotografica con microfono esterno).
La regia è di Monia De Lauretis e Edward Cutarella, la sceneggiatura si basa su un'idea di Monia, ed è anche suo tutto l'apporto tecnico, scenografico e di postproduzione.
Non avendo alcuna competenza specifica nè precedenti (per Monia si tratta di un'opera prima), definiremmo l'esperienza come un'enorme esercizio unito alla voglia di comunicare nonostante i limiti, cercando di supplire le carenze formali con delle idee speriamo valide.

Dis / quiet is a totally independent and no budget production, created with the help of non-professional actors and 35 extras, all for free, with a very limited equipment (camera and microphone) and without professional technicians.
Directed by Monia De Lauretis and Edward Cutarella, the screenplay is based on an subject by Monia, and all the technical, scenographic and post-production contributions are also hers.
Having no specific or previous experiences, we would define the whole thing as a huge exercise combined with the desire to communicate a hopefully valid idea despite the technical limits.
This is a shorter re-edited version of the original 22 minutes long version.