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Denominations shows a Colombian finance student inform on a counterfeit money network that's enslaved his father and caused rampant inflation. After being framed, Sebastian manipulates a Secret Service op to infiltrate the network despite the revelation that it's secretly funding his college education through a scholarship.

The journey that Sebastian takes to the US is the story core, with strong English/Spanish language and culture nuances. English as a first language is societal white privilege, and powers Denominations' informant-style genre that doesn't yet exist.

Themes: Immigration, religion, law enforcement, white privilege, father-son relationships, Y2K, shell companies, (as a possible philanthropic angle) illegal mining and deforestation.

Some scenes are based on missions led by my tactical advisor, a tenured Secret Service special agent that operated a notorious anti-counterfeit task force during my story's time period.

It is not another Narcos/Escobar story, there are no drug dealers. The goal of my story is to destroy negative Colombian/South American cliches.

  • Joe Espo
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    thriller, dramatic thriller, coming of age, drama
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  • Madrid International Film Festival

    Best Unproduced Script
Writer - Joe Espo