Dead City is a film festival celebrating the “dead” towns, lesser sought after places where we do what we can to make them better. We acknowledge the creativity that seeps from the people who call these places their hometowns. We’re looking for films from middle-America with abandoned strip-malls, shuttered factories and forgotten about city centers. We’re looking for the people who had nothing else to do, but to create. The people who fled their hometowns, but are proud of where they grew up.

Hosted in the historic Fairborn Phoenix in Fairborn Ohio, we pulled together resources, talented people who love film, music and the arts to throw a very cool party. The theater as well as this festival is owned and operated by a filmmaker.

Reach out to contact@fairbornphoenix.com for any questions.

Grand Prize: Dead City Skull Trophy & Bottle of Whiskey ** Cash Prize!
Runner UP: Dead City 2nd Place Trophy & a beer *
Third Place : A Beer and a photo with our chicken Phoenix Mascot ***

*** Everyone gets a photo with the Chicken
**if you're under 21 you get a crockpot
*If you're under 21 you get a silly hat

Must be from a "Dead" City.

Must be under 20 minutes

Self funded

Open to praise and constructive criticism

Be Cool*

*It's ok if you don't think you're cool, just be cool.