Against his mother’s orders, Jeremy joins his high school’s football team, but he gets seriously injured and knocked unconscious. He awakens in a hospital bed, to Gable, a rogue operative sent to rescue him just as Nilborg agents are closing in on him. They escape to a top-secret facility where the rogue leader, Dr. Takahashi, advises Jeremy of the death of his birth parents and their amazingly rare bloodlines that he inherited enabling his body to heal miraculously. Jeremy learns his identity was hidden from Nilborg to halt their plans to take over the world. Before they can expose the evil society, Nilborg learns of Jeremy’s location, and they kidnap him. They are finally able to use Jeremy’s DNA to protect themselves from the wave of deadly epidemics as well as create militarily advanced hybrid soldiers to wage war. The frantic Gable and Dr. Takahashi must race against time to rescue Jeremy and stop Nilborg before they unleash their fury upon the whole earth, exterminating millions in the process.

  • Ericka Gomez
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Ericka Gomez

I am a story driven, African American woman from Detroit, Michigan, who grew up watching a vast genre of movies and television shows. My imagination always ran wild, and I realized I loved telling stories in the form of writing. After battling numerous bouts with discouragement, I realized I have a strong passion for screenwriting and the drive to persevere through relentless obstacles. I love to stimulate the imaginations of children as well as send adults on a journey of thought-provoking suspense. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Special Education, but my real passion is screenwriting.

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